8.3 worst patch since release

Yeah said the patch was the “worst since release”. Why are comparisons to previous patches since release not the topic ?

You cannot blame the employees over a company laying off that many people.

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Might want to look at peoples profile before commenting on how much they play. I play the game far too often.

I don’t recall bringing up Mechagon or Nazjatar. and again. as stated several times in the post this patch is permanently detrimental to the progress of players in the game.

no one has given a time on this “hotfix” that fixed the issue with rare spawns but I already stated last time i played was 11pm last night so I’ll let that one go the rest of my points still stand.

This patch is the worst.


You don’t know that yet, so you can’t make that claim. It hasn’t been out long enough to know if it is yet or not.

That’s all there is to it.


Ok if nothing changes it is permanently detrimental.

I’m gonna go with probably not going to change.

Also. Blizzard and all employees should still be ashamed.


Unless you’ve played this game since it was released, you can’t possibly relate this as the worst patch ever.

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I have. So I can.


No clue what you are on about but just realize how utterly absurd it is to say after 4 days of a patch that will be out for a year you think it’s the worst patch ever while shouting down comparisons.
Go outside for a bit and clear your head.
Maybe the issue is you play too much.
But I’m not sure where that would be seen on your character.


Someone clearly wasnt here for the camera patch for WoD…


You still cannot blame the employees for being very understaffed in the QA department. They got hit very hard by layoffs.

Technically, 6.1 shipped without a hiccup, so it wasn’t the worst.

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You are right.

This patch is sad. :frowning:


Lol o my yes that massive content patch on WoD…

There was no pve content in that patch…

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Needs to be new content for there to be any possibly hiccups…

I’m still kinda sad that people were so focused on the camera, they ignored the Garrison invasion raid bosses and those never became something people actually did.

It’s fair to compare based on title. content of post was different so I should have used a different title. But I still say it’s worse than any of the others.

Patch still sucks.

I guess all you have to do is be an apologist to get green text now. cute.


Yes the lack of professionalism and leadership coming from Blizz has been a long time. This was evident in BFA beta.


You stated 8.3 is the worst patch since release.

Whether or not you brought it up by name is irrelevant. You implicated it.

What did you think was done better in 8.1?