8.3 Known Issues and Information

[Kings’ Rest: Kingsguard] you do daily quest it doesnt kill the king so u cant get item for reward

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I grinder for 2 days to get my vessel for the horrific visions to get rank 5 for my cloak to raid next week. I kill the two guards for the boss and 2 trash next to them suddenly as the door opens i cant cast Anything. I have full health and over 75% sanity left with 3 sanity resets available. i could move around but no cast worked it was like i was disconnected but not. i couldn’t engage the boss. after a couple of mins like this i restarted the game and logged on to be in the chest room with 50tokens? WTH i should be replaced the vessel or the 10k visions i grinded to get it or the core for the easy to kill boss/ or be forever behind. do the right thing Blizz you can look it up it happened~ subscriber since 08

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So what will the alternative be? Seems like if they’re going to effectively remove flexweave, there should be a new 8.3 engineering recipe for fall protection.

me as well not sure where i should make note in case of changes and fixes coming.

King’s Rest: Kingsguard - When running the dungeon to do this world quest, won’t get credit for killing King Dazar…

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Yes i was doing the quetline then it just stopped!! i hope the fix tuesday will fix it. Very frustrating! i tried to put a ticket in and i cant.

faction changing is bugged when you have to restart the quests if you did them on your original faction and the visions is bugged if you already did them on your toon from the original faction because im having problems with my character and i cant seem to get any help :frowning:

I am getting a “Duplicate item found” when turning in Reconstructing “The Curse of Stone” quest…

After completing a horrific vision to obtain me 6th rank cloak upgrade. Looting the chest resulting in no upgrade being offered. Losing all 10k of my coalescing visions the last 1k obtained killing rares and gathering random chest across both zones.

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same deal here. why are the GMs refusing to accept this as a legit issue?

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Super trivial, but Vulpera, even actually barefoot and not transmog barefoot, always leave (squashed) bootprints in the sand/snow instead of pawprints.

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I’m another victim of the Fear & Flesh thing.

Was it to damn hard to describe the details on the quest text? Sweet jeez.

You should refund everyone who wasted their essences on this. It’s ridiculous.

Same here with the “into the darkness line”
Was questing with someone who had already done it, the “view vision” part bugged out after they referred to MOTHER for information. Whenever I went close to the gate, the ability to click it disappeared, and then when my queue was clicking it it was saying “Cannot queue due to people in the party not having vessels of horrific visions”

I relogged and it seemed to skip over for me, but it’s not fair that the only fix being offered right now is for people to farm out another 10k and then also not be able to use the vessels they already have from drops…

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Not getting the mount from the Friendly Alpaca in Uldum after 8 days of feeding.

This was, unfortunately, confirmed to me by a GM that the quest does NOT grant credit if turned in while in raid. Check my post history to read the complete GM response (it won’t allow me to copy-paste it again).

Have had multiple game crashes for no apparent reason, ive tried running the game with zero addons and it still does not help. I’m not running any background programs or chrome tabs. Literally the game was running perfectly yesterday, after the hotfix i’ve had serious stability issues. I have been sending the reports in so hopefully you can pin down the issue.

Sk’shuul Vaz corruption effect is hitting everything in 20yrds even through floors/ceiling/walls in TD.

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I can second that corruption procs are going through the floor/ceiling/walls in not only TD, but also Waycrest. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

These two dungeons have had these issues since beta. Last season i one shot myself hitting a reflect emissary with the second shard of glacial spike - splitting ice two floors below us in TD…
Also its very easy to pull adds on the other side of walls inside the prison with aoe when you first go out on the walk way heading towards the 3rd boss near the first cannon.

Despite the hotfix notes saying you fixed it, pets still do not properly sort with “Uncollected.”

People think it’s the fact it can’t differentiate between the different levels, due to how you guys programmed it to work with different ilvl of armor/weapons.

Essentially, if you select Uncollected or Useable Only, it will show EVERY PET unless the only ones on the AH are the same level as the one you have.