8.3 Known Issues and Information

also don’t know why my account is showing this character, I wasn’t playing on this guy.

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AH favorite list disappears upon logout. Also, for some unknown reason I can no longer post auctions for any bags - I have several in my inventory, plenty of gold with which to post, but the left window that allows for auction creation is just darkened and non-interactive.

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Engineers cannot apply goblin glider tinkers to the legendary cloak


Male worgen eyes are also missing their glow effects, and have been since their new models were released. They don’t shine in the dark anymore like they used to.

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Yes!! I have an iMac and a MacPro three monitor setup, that more than handled this game and anything you throw at it…now the patch, and neither computer works. I can reset everything, disabled add-one, nothing works. Very frustrating.

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Check your addons. I had trouble with the the quest “A Strong Heart” and never got the part to drop until i disabled my addons.

Just did a horrific vision and could not be ressed a second time. Was not able to loot the chest at the end either. Placing two orbs on myself and an ally did not res us either.

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Is the new leather armor set bugged? It seems they forgot to add some pixels . It looks incredibly low resolution in 1440p .

Rogues and druids cannot use stealth properly in the visions of at least Orgrimmar. Constantly breaks it at random.


Investigating the Halls is still bugged too. For some people, including me it never triggers the sanity part to start when clicking on the anomoly thingy atop the stairs. So you can not get credit to progress. Pretty much renders the progression a dead stop, useless to keep playing 8.3 storyline.

UPDATE: Fixed by dropping both quests that were for Halls of Origination. Then going back and picking them up again.

“Soulbound” Quest is bugged. Does not complete and Ma’da just vanishes. Kind of crucial to move on in content :frowning:

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Same over here. I have 3 characters on US Dalaran and I made different favorite list on each character on AH according to the profession needs. But it seems to forget every time i log back in. Its irritating that i need to re-favorite 20 items on each character every time I log back in.

This is very bad. Bizzard needs to fix this ASAP

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That’s a limitation of the game – the lego cloak gets an on use effect at rank 6, and an item can’t have two on use effects at the same time.

Yes, I am having the same issue. Id like this to be resolved quickly so I can continue content :confused:

So you’ve admitted there’s issues with “uncollected” for pets. But you guys still aren’t commenting on it not working for Back, Off-Hand, or Shields? Really?

Last night was I was going into a vision for the "Reconstructing “The Curse of Stone” " quest line and when I started to target enemies all of sudden my spells requiring my bow were not working. I received “invalid target” whenever I was trying to shoot and kill. My pet’s spells were working just fine though. I ended up dying in the vision and wasting 10k currency… anyone else have this issue?

Same for me.

Game crashes every so often when loading into areas or flying/walking/generally moving in areas. Has crashed 2-3 times a day since patch.

edit: Have also updated and removed old Add-ons, and tried playing without Add-ons, didn’t make a difference - game crashed anyway.

Hoping to get a reply to my post

Has happened to multiple people putting them behind on cape progress. The glitch even gets referenced in BellularGaming’s new video here:

Anyone else have this issue?


I had the issues of loot on the Horrific Visions