8/9 M BOD 2/2 H COS 415 SPriest (Can play all 3 specs) and 419 Havoc DH LF New Guild


Hello, I’m Dædæ of Hyjal. My friend and I are currently looking for a new guild (preferably on Jaina) , as today our GM announced we would not be raiding collectively as a guild any longer due to having lost a significant portion of our core over the last few weeks. Please direct any questions you have to my Btag: Desidia#11577. We are able to x-fer and more than willing to to continue Jaina Prog. We are PST and prefer to stay PST due to work/school constraints, but later EST times work as well. Thank you for taking your time to read this through. Look forward to speaking with some people soon.

Ryó–Havoc DH-2.2k IO
Dædæ–Shadow Priest-1.4k IO healer (have a druid as well)


2250 Havoc Demon Hunter that is… :smiley:


We both have well over 100 Pulls on Jaina. We are ready to step right in


[H] <Intent> 8/9M BoD is currently recruiting for mythic progression.

Currently looking for 1 healer (Hpally or MW preferred) and all exceptional DPS.

Players are expected to be open to suggestions and amenable to constructive criticism. We also expect everyone to treat each other with respect. If you cannot raid and discuss strategy in a civil manner, this is not the place for you. You may hear profanity in discord/guild chat but verbal attacks will not be tolerated.

Friday: 9:00 PM - 1 AM PST
Saturday: 9:00 PM - 1 AM PST

As a raid team, especially with a limited schedule, it is important that we recruit people who are available to raid both Friday and Saturday evenings each week. As adults, we understand that things can come up and schedules can change. It will never be held against you if you have to miss the occasional raid due to unforeseen circumstances. Notice of absence is appreciated.

Intent was originally founded on Korgath during Wrath of the Lich King as a progression focused guild, raiding about 9 hours per week. We transferred to Kil’Jaeden at the beginning of 2014 and successfully cleared Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar before 6.0 released.

We are looking to build a solid community, including Mythic+ groups, achievement raids/runs, PvP, etc.

Add me on bnet at Bchuxii#1334 if you’re interested. Thanks!


Very interesting and possibly could be considered. Keeping our options open


Introduction to Flex Progression:
Flex Progression is the third iteration of a guild first formed during Cataclysm known as SuperNova on the Forgotten Coast. Our core group of raiders have had a particular focus on PvE content since we first met and will look to continue that emphasis going into BFA and beyond. We are a close knit group of friends who have always enjoyed memeing in voice chat; however, Flex Progression would like to do things a bit differently than we have done in the past. Flex Progression will have the most hardcore raiding culture that our guild has ever implemented. Below are the raid rules:

We are currently 8/9M and will be extending til CE and are recruiting exceptional Dps.

Raid Times:
Mythic ----- Tuesday, Wednesday, thursday 8-11 PM EST
Heroic ----- Sunday 8-11 PM EST

Raid Rules:

  • Every boss pull requires every raider to have a rune, flask, and food buff. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule on Mythic difficulty.
  • All DPS will be expected to use three potions per boss pull. One Coastal Healing Potion and two potions specific to your class (potion of intellect, strength, agility, etc.).
  • Raiders who are regularly the cause of unnecessary down time may face consequences because the raid leader will place great focus on increasing the total number of boss pulls per raid night.
  • When the raid leader or guild master wants Discord silent, be silent.
  • If a raider has an issue with any other raider, do not verbalize it in Discord. Please contact Staxotaur to act as the intermediary. Most of the guild doesn’t care about your individual drama.
  • Please keep criticism constructive. We aren’t snowflakes, but constructive criticism is the easiest to implement changes with, so from an efficiency perspective it is preferred.
  • Raiders will be expected to complete a +10 mythic dungeon per week.
  • Bind on Equip epic raid drops will be given only to core raiders who need the item as a direct immediate equip for their main spec. Otherwise, all BoE items will be given to the guild bank to finance the supply of raiding materials.

Add me on realid to set up a chat Brim#1101


Entertaining All guilds at the moment.


Hey Dædæ,

I saw you were looking for a guild on Jaina, are we are only one boss off of her! Currently sitting at a 21 man roster but are looking to bring the best of the best to finish the tier.

Who We Are: We are Arcanum and are a 8/8 CE Mythic 7/9M BoD Horde guild on the US Area-52 realm. Our goal is to get Cutting Edge on every tier be top 20 server guild and have a solid family/friendship within our members to go through BFA with. We had a late start in Legion and got 29th rank in server and we are looking to expand and push while keeping it fun and relaxed!

Raid Times: 8:00-11:00pm EST Tuesday and Thursday . Invites go out at 7:30pm so we can pull at 8:00pm.

What We Expect: We expect everyone to at least do a +10 key for the weekly chest, push their own content to better themselves for the raids. We are a very active guild and there are always people on for keys and group activities. Our discord is alive and friendly, you will always have friends to talk to. We pride ourselves in having very low turn around rate. People that join the guild essentially find themselves a new family.

How To get in contact:
Bnet: justinc#1283
Discord: sti#8173

Add me, Message me, lets have a chat and see whats up.


Continuing to look around


Keeping options open. appreciate the different opportunities :smiley:

(Tewa) #11

You guys are quitting? That stinks.

Dark Skies is still here, if you can make our raid times. Tue/Wed/Thurs, 9:30 PM to 1 AM.

We are also working on Jaina.

Even if you can’t make our times, feel free to pass it along if you think anybody else would find a good home here.

I guess I should give the formal spam:

Dark Skies is a long-term cutting edge raid guild, currently 8/9 Mythic and working on Jaina, raid times 9:30 PM to 1 AM, Tues / Wed / Thurs, Pacific Time.

With roots stretching back to Wrath of the Lich King, Dark Skies is a late-night guild that started as a refuge for older players with young children. That’s why we raid later, after the kids are in bed.

We’re very focused on community and people, and having a harmonious team. The guild is run in an open, consensus basis, where things are decided by the whole team.

If you want to learn a little more, check out our main thread, here:

If you’re interested, please contact us on bnet:

Or just send us a whisper on Hyjal. :sunglasses:

My discord, if you prefer: Tewa#3476

(Sincerely saddened to hear about Forgotten Aspects’ demise.)

(Cryophobia) #12

<Alliance Lives Matter> Connected Realms- Scilla, Zuluhed, Andorhal and Ursin

Currently 9/9M BoD [ce] , 2/2H CoS 9/9H BoD, 8/8M Uldir [ce] , 11/11M Antorus [cutting edge]. We are #1 server on our server group.

Currently US 140 for Mythic BoD.


Recruitment Needs for Mythic: (Transfer Required) 1 tank (no DH/bear/prot pal) , 1 priest or shaman, 1 ranged dps. 1 dps with strong tank off spec, prefer ww/bm. Potentially 1 stud melee player. Anyone talented regardless of class/spec will be considered. Do not be shy to apply even if you are not one of our high priority classes.

We also recruit normal and heroic only raiders for our normal and heroic raids. We have many awesome less hardcore players that join us for heroic and normal to learn from our mythic raiders. This is a very active and growing guild. Our raiders do not just log on to raid and than disappear.

Guild Goals: To full clear mythic BoD in a timely competitive fashion (US 250 Minimum) [COMPLETED; cut our US ranking in HALF] and all future mythic raid tiers going forward in a quick and competitive manner. We set our goals and then we do what it takes to meet them. We do meet our goals. Period. We started antorus 6 months late and burned our way through cutting edge Antorus. This IS a cutting edge raiding guild with structure and organization.

Raid Schedule
[Mythic] Thursday 8:30pm-10:30pm cst
[Mythic] Sat/Sun 3:30-7:30 pm central.
[Heroic] Tuesday is our heroic night for our mythic raiders/sales run 8:30 central to 11:00pm. This run is optional but highly recommended for gear sharing.
[Heroic] Wednesday- Open to our heroic team raiders, mythic raiders, and mythic raider alts. run 8:30 central to 11:00. This team full clears heroic easily as well.
[Normal] Friday open to anyone 8:30 central to 10:00.

We push people to get 1 heroic clear and 1 mythic 10 plus a week done. This is * required for our mythic raiders. As long as there is forging in the game people should be fishing for titanforges.

More about the guild: We do it all, we aren’t just raiders. We are extremely active guild, the most active on the server, and more active than most servers/guilds. Our people do not just log on for raids once or twice a week. Our average age range is 28-35. We enjoy PvP- arenas, rbgs, bgs, wpvp, Mythic+, achievements. We have a very laid back but like to get stuff done kind of atmosphere when it is not raid time. When it is raid time, we get focused and serious and competitive in a non toxic results oriented manner. Very active and supportive guild filled with awesome human beings. Our raiders are competitive players always striving to better themselves. Flasks and feasts and vantus runes are provided for all progression raiding. We constantly analyze logs and push for improvement. We do not settle for mediocrity in any of our members so by being a part of this guild you will become a better player and person. This is just a small taste of our guild. Please contact an officer to have any questions or concerns addressed.

If you’re interested in raiding with us or would just like to join the guild feel free to contact Nebulaphobia, our recruitment officer.

BTag: Ashe#1789

Discord: Ashie#6243

In Game: Nebulaphobia-Scilla


Hello Tewa,

I’d love to speak with you tonight after I get off of work and get home. I’d be home sometime around 5:30-6:00 PST. If you could add me on battle tag desidia#11577 and maybe give me some time in discord later as well, it would be much appreciated (and amazing to not have to xfer again).


Still Looking


Still looking


@Daedae @Ryo

already on Hyjal, +1

We raid less but are definitely interested in you both. Check us out, and add me if you want to talk further :ok_hand:

[H] <Please Taunt> 8/9M 6hr Raid Group


Add me on Battle Net. I’d be happy to speak with you. I’ll be home in roughly 3 hours


The hunt continues


Still keeping our options open. Again, appreciate the different opportunities :smiley:


Still looking and will continue to do so through the weekend!