8.3 Resto Druid Nerfs

First off, as with all the upcoming class and essence balance changes zero of these are being done for any PvP reason but they do all carry over in to PvP content so I thought I’d post these ones here as a heads up for anyone who hasn’t read them yet.


Mastery: Harmony healing bonus reduced by 9%.
High Noon (Azerite Trait) damage reduced by 34%.

Developers’ note: Restoration Druid has an overall package of healing, damage, and utility that is very hard to compete with in solo-healed content. Two things that stand out in particular are the efficiency of focused healing on a single target with high Mastery, and the ease of contributing DPS with very little GCD usage on Sunfire.

Source: Class Changes in Visions of N’Zoth

lol this is really going to bring those pesky rdruids down to earth

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Cool but they’ll still scale well and I expect them to still be god tier in PvP :slight_smile:

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Down with the resto druids!!

They need a 20% healing nerf. Disgusting spec that I hate playing.

It’s a pretty significant throughput nerf that hopefully balances them a little bit more

I’d like to see a more competitive healer meta

Reducing rdruid output also can potentially help speed up the meta

I know I’m low rated and not good but I would think it isnt their healing that is the problem. It’s their damage, spammable cc, short defensive CDs, being able to drink at will.
I know I’m probably wrong and always looking for help and advice.


ya huge mw buffs inc also which will be kinda awkward
mw is already pretty solid
i imagine they could be pretty dominant next patch

imo number tuning aside there’s some huge mechanical flaws with so many healers rn


  • Divine favor needs to be 45 seconds
    (such a forgiving mechanic)


  • soul of the forest needs to be brought down to 100%
    (it enables rdruid drinking a ton right now)
  • remove rake stun
    (the game was fine without it and MLD players can choke)


  • pack spirit removed
    (obviously rsham needs some kind of tuning done)


  • 45 second monkbubble gone

  • counteract nerfed
    (WAAAAY too strong into any comp with a singular dot, i imagine this was originally intended to combat mws mana issues into aff type comps
    both aff type comps and mw mana issues haven’t existed since legion though)


  • just remove greater heal and gfade and buff everything else substantially

this was 45 seconds, it was reduced to 25

sotf is not really what allows a druid to drink. it’s travel form allowing them to put distance between players and then stealth drinking so it can’t be stopped unless you run over them and hit them or get lucky with aoe damage.

this is not even a problem anymore.

This is just a paper nerf with the amount of stats we will be getting next patch, this is probably to tune them down from being absolutely broken

Naw druid always has had the mobility to drink, what he’s talking about is that sotf regrowth allows you to just afk for a while while your immortal dps slowly go down and you can be safe knowing that one sotf regrowth will top your team mate

As for pack spirit it’s still very good, rshams definitely still immortal with it but I think it’s just every mechanic tied with ghostwolf too that makes it silly not just pack spirit alone

I still would argue most issues come down to a vast majority of the strongest dps specs being unkillable gods too though rofl, actually a joke how forgiving everything is

Yeah that’s really what it is. Rdruid was always really mobile and able to get a drink, but having dps that don’t die and allow you to do that is ridiculous. I would still say SotF is not what lets them get drinks, it’s their teammates being “the Immortal” .tm

i’m aware

it was an awful change and a horrible crutch ability that on top of all of that is bugged and even when purged still maintains the healing buff

not even close

if you wanted to make any arguement it would be destro/dh both allowing druid to pop out of the game for 10+ seconds at a time without the destro or dh doing anything at all to set up windows where drinking would be okay

this is only more forgiving because you dont even need to coordinate with your drinks with your destros coils or your dhs cooldowns because when you come back IFFFFFFF your partner ended up at even as low as 40% you can 140k SoTF and not worry about the classic rdruid weakness of struggling to catch up when put behind

are you memeing or just going off super dated information you cant be bothered 2 keep up with?

https://clips.twitch.tv/EvilCrazyMochaImGlitch this was literally like yesterday

this guy has like 3 shamans at 2700 mmr because dh/dk with tank trinkets and rsham with packspirit is REALLY hard for even rogue mage to deal with

he has up earth shield, ascendance and his ghost wolf is at 4 stacks so he’s getting damage reduction. that’s NOT just pack spirit. you’re taking it out of context.

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Usually coming back from a drink requires you to SM OG.

now you’re just arguing to argue

https://clips.twitch.tv/ExpensiveAntediluvianSeahorseKappaRoss no eathshield at the end of kidney (still goes up after) no ascendance health literally goes up in a coil kidney half bash

it doesn’t change you could watch 4 hours of keator vods and it’s the same thing against every comp

packspirit still ticks for 9k every less than a second which is absurd
i feel like you’re taking half a year old news that PS was 80% nerfed or whatever in pvp as if it weren’t undone a couple months later LMAO

‘i uh dont know! i haven’t played in a while’

Yes two instants into a relatively fast cast is very difficult to do

Obviously sotf requires swiftmend

OG to reapply hots

But again this hardly matters when the classes rdruids play with are unpunishable and there’s never a worry of having to stay ahead on healing

earth shield fell off 1 sec left of the kidney, it was just the rogue and druid connected to him, the warlock was on the bottom. he still had 4 stacks of ghost wolf dam reduction (20%). these clips really are not showing anything to me. like I’m saying pack spirit on its own is not an issue, it’s a combination of talents and abilities and circumstances that leads to it seeming much stronger than it is.

edit: also, watching it again and seeing nick’s numbers, he is not doing large burst damage so it seems negligible against the healing.

/target dilly
/cast soothe
Permamad cannot be dispelled

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i cant believe how cooked you are dude

i cant tell if you’re genuinely arguing a technicality for the sake of not losing an argument over an ability in a game you dont even play

or if you factually believe the game play pack spirit enables is really not a big deal

because if pack spirit didnt exist
earthshield spectral recovery and spiritwolf would not be enough to enable the worst dh/dk/rshams to go full sinister at the end of 2019