8.1 Tides of Vengeance thread

(Sarestha) #22

Anyway, to my actual response :smiley:

Overall, I’ve only done Hordeside so far (About to Alliance right after I finish this post). My feedback is overall positive. But here’s it laid out, anyway. Spoilers ahead, lads

The Horde War Campaign was a lot of fun!

  • The attack on the Norwington estate was pretty generic, but I did have fun in that series of quests. I liked that the Kul Tirans, when spotting Rexaar, did actually know that he was the man who killed their beloved Admiral!
  • I LOVE Zelling. Like seriously, he’s the most wholesome Forsaken I’ve ever met, and I want him to be like, reconcile with his family one day. I also love that Lillian Voss quietly ensured his family had a decent life. Like… You go Lillian! (Vote 1: Lillian for Forsaken Queen)
  • Gallywix is an idiot, but it’s the first time in the game that I’ve found him to be a loveable one. I kinda want him and Mekkatorque to have this rival bromance forevermore.
  • I found it interesting that we’re seeing… discontentment with Sylvanas in the ranks. Rexaar and Valtrois are both unhappy, but… they’re going along with it all, for now. I think it’s safe to say that they won’t do so forever.

Darkshore was interesting enough, in its own way.

  • For free-willed undead, Delaryn and ESPECIALLY Sira converted to Sylvanas’ side TOO quickly for my liking. I loved the Kul Tiran Forsaken in the old War Campaign… because becoming undead was an adjustment. Something they had to get used to. These guys went from full Alliance to full Horde in like 3 seconds. I’m okay with it… on the condition we see a Lord-Godfrey-esque betrayal in the future. If they’re planning something, it makes sense. If not… I’m not so sure. Even with the Forsaken’s initial compliance phase upon being raised… this was too quick, and too calculated.
  • Darkshore is really pretty though. And Teldrassil legit made me tear up. It’s beautiful, but depressing… because of what happened there.

In short: I loved the War Campaign, and I… well I’m worried about Darkshore, but I’m willing to wait and see. It certainly hasn’t ruined anything for me, and I had a lot of fun overall!

Edit: I forgot to add that I greatly enjoyed the Blood Elf Heritage Armor storyline too. Didn’t really learn anything new from it, but it was a nice recap of Elven History, which is what it was meant to be, I think. I reckon it should be accessible at low levels… it’d be a nice intro for new players who have exactly zero lores. But that’s just a stray thought.

(Azhaar) #23

I enjoyed two thirds of the new Alliance war campaign. I haven’t done the Horde one yet because the OG Horde war campaign was just Nathanos being a creepy jackass pursuing a psychopath pet project that does nothing to advance the Horde’s interests, while Rexxar and Lillian, the two most independent-minded lore characters the Horde has, follow him around like obedient puppies. It was nearly as upsetting as it was moronic and I have to psych myself up a bit to sit through more of that.

(Karmas) #24

To be brutally honest I didn’t think you were being snarky, I was just briefly overwhelmed with how little gaf I had.

I sat staring at this empty window and I thought about typing how I liked the fact that there was some sort of free will thing going on at least a visual superficial stage. Like how many kaldorei apparently were not cool with being rezzed and serving sylvanas. Like how a disturbing number of them(Implied from nathanos ‘heh heh hur hur’) apparently WERE cool with being rezzed and serving sylvanas within literal moments after their death.

I could get into how maybe they saw the afterline and went ‘nope’ and that’s a totally justifiable in the moment decision bad or otherwise.

I could get into how it is somewhat depressing to me(as a fan of nelves in general) that with how Elune centric they are a deviance in the belief system has occurred.

I could get into how Elune can’t be bothered to act without orc heads apparently. It must have been a 25 cent orc head at least.

I could get into how underwhelming it was to see Malfurion and Tyrande ganking… a kodo. GREAT VICTORY MKay

I could get into how after her powerup… she didn’t really seem to have the upperhand against blightcaller? Had to resort to…stuff? How Blightcaller once again did his supervillain ‘hur hur any last words from the hero?’ instead of finishing her.

I mean my dude. I could go on and on.

What it comes down to really is this.

The music is nice.

I’m glad there is new content(lol we’re reusing war of thorns platform who am I kidding).

But what it really comes down to is that for the first time in my wow career I may just take a break from the game.

I don’t feel like my gaming experience is enjoyable right now and I don’t know what to do about it other than NOT go into it.

Moreover, I think other people have been mentioning this but it’s exhausting getting people to do anything together. People don’t want to do things together because frankly, most people would rather just…not.

That is a serious problem for me, since I play this game to be with people.

This has been a long rant but what it really comes down to is originally I didn’t respond to your post because it was going to be rant.

WELP. You got it anyway.

Cheers to people who are enjoying it, I’m not knocking your experience just sharing my own.

I may just unsub and take the advice of a blizz dev and ‘wait and see’.

(Enekie) #25

If they had changed the rage at Elune to rage against a weak Alliance who they thought had betrayed them, the Dark Kaldorei Rangers plot would be one hundred times more interesting.

(Serph) #26

I see they removed portals from the Shrines in MoP

lol this game

(Azhaar) #27

they did god damn what

(Serph) #28

Something something portals in old cities something push people to new locales instead

They do it sometimes with old hubs and it was dumb then and it is still dumb now

(Zenrao) #29

It had to be done. HAD TO BE DONE.

(Serph) #30

you think you want those portals, but you don’t

Also, you can’t delete keystones anymore because they don’t want people running the 2-3 “easiest” M+s or something

I wish I could quote entire threads because my normal forum is pretty hilarious about this patch rn

(Ursuola) #31

Do you guys not have mages?

(Lyzettie) #32

Didn’t new dalaran have all the portals the shrine did anyways

You even get a special stone for it.

(Opherial) #33

Yeah, but Shrine was friendlier to people with toaster PCs. Dalaran lags me out on hearth even with amazing specs and a solid connection.

(Azhaar) #34

I feel you, Karma. I have never been so disinterested in current content. Even in WoD at its worst, I was simply bored. Most of what’s going on right now actively turns me off.

I’m still around (well, around again; I took a break and will probably take several more during this expansion) because I play this game to have things to collect, levels to add, shinies to accrue, and a grindy semi-mindless way to occupy my hands while watching movies. WoW inherently provides me a lot that I like and there’s still a wealth of older content I have yet to go over. As it stands the only current feature that’s playing a part in keeping me here is the allied races, because they mean I have new alts to level. I do like leveling alts.

But as a current, active, here’s-new-content game? BfA has been the absolute low point of Warcraft for me. I really, really hope the next expansion is much better; I’ve already written this one off. That’s the cycle, a good expac following a bad one, from Wrath on down.

Because if the next one is not some seriously good stuff, I think WoW may finally be in its death spiral. And that, despite everything, would make me incredibly sad.

(Lyzettie) #35

Yeah I can see that. I have to admit new dalaran is kinda balls.

(Zenrao) #36

I just got my Pureblood Firehawk after farming for it for months. I take that as a good omen for the future of the game, discussion over.

(Sarestha) #37

I thought they said they wanted to make portals more prevalent, not less. Buggers D: Dalaran’s better still be there.

(Stalairne) #38

i adored the scenario

fighting alongside maiev and shandris? amazing

fighting alongside the sentinels and all the named wardens? love it!

watching tyrande blow up massive groups of horde? hell yes!

in the final confrontation with nathanos, watching those filthy zombies screaming in agony and pleading for mercy as divine retribution rips them apart? OH YEAH BABEY

i havent gotten any mounts from the darkshore rares, though. 7/10

(Azhaar) #39

The scenario was great until the very end where the dead night elves started going “LOL HORDE”

Nothing can make that not insultingly stupid.

(Zunde) #40

This is my opinion.

(Enrik) #41

I now get to see every other Night Elf running around with 1980’s-era alien eyes.