7 days still waiting for a GM to anwser

I am setting at my computer waiting for a GM to help me with my issue. I started my ticket on Thursday of last week. They decided to answer me when I was offline. So I actually got no help. So I sent them back another responses that its not closed I still needed them to fix the issue. They havent answered me. This kind of service is unacceptable and I work in the customer service support area.

If your ticket is still showing as open after you re-opened it, it just means they haven’t gotten to you, yet. Hopefully you did re-open the old one rather than opening a new one, as the old one would have been put in a prioritized queue.


For clarification, we don’t “decide” to answer when you are offline. Our staff addresses tickets in the order they are received based on and in consideration of priority and category. That you are on or offline is immaterial, as we don’t generally contact someone directly unless we need additional information.

As for the issue, Customer Support did help, they provided you with guidance on what to do. You claimed you received a beta invite, they did not see such an invite and asked you to check the invite email and to send a screenshot of it upon reply.

You replied with additional information and the screenshot asked for.

The second reply came earlier today, perhaps even after this post was made. Hopefully the issue is resolved now but if not, please reopen your ticket.


I work for a company that has customer service dept which I got promoted from (worked customer service for 8 years) and I agree, it’s not good customer service. I assume they are limited because of having to work from home in this trying time. So the only thing you can do is wait for the answer. I really do feel for you though. Having worked customer service for a long time I get upset when customer service is less than par.

Yet, it wasn’t. It was a contact about something that Support generally has no involvement in, Beta. We needed additional information in order to determine what the issue was, which was provided in the follow up contact.


No, I meant the whole thing where you can’t chat or talk live is detrimental to customer service and doesn’t allow for good customer service. It’s not your fault. I know you have limitations, and it does stink for someone just wanting to get an issue resolved, but these are trying times so, while it does stink, it’s how it has to be.

Quick question, are you all looking at getting live chat for your remote workers?

We do generally offer live chat for specific account and technical situations. This would not generally have been one of them. As I said, CS doesn’t tend to address anything related with beta testing. This was one of those exceptions, but that had to be established first.

Live chat is available. It was turned off for awhile when we first moved to working from home. It is available in a limited capacity now and likely we’ll see those hours expand, assuming there are not complications and it doesn’t negatively impact our ability to get to other tickets.


You know, I have mixed feelings about your responses to this. On one hand, I applaud you for standing up for yourself as well as Blizzard. On the other hand, I think your attitude is somewhat distasteful. So, I’m at an impasse. I don’t know how this player has treated you or your co-workers. Half of me wants to say chill out a bit, but the other of me is applauding you. I guess what I’m saying is: that type of response isn’t typical from a Blizzard employee. Interesting how things have changed.

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I’ve been using the CS forums since Vanilla. I know how Vrakthris posts. He has not posted any different than he did then. He does really well considering the number of players who come to the forums and are real jerks about how they feel Customer Support handled their issue. Players that misinterpret what they were told, either accidentally or on purpose. Players that are making tickets about things a GM is unable to help with. In most cases we only get to see what the poster claims, not what actually happened.

Being told “No” is not bad Customer Service. Being given a form letter is not bad Customer Service. Being given a number of steps to try that actually fix 90% of the issues is not bad Customer Service.

Other times we get a player that claims to know exactly how Customer Support is supposed to work. Ones like the poster in this thread. It’s really obvious from their post that they actually have a limited knowledge about how Customer Support works.


It isn’t typical from a Game Master, but I’m not a Game Master. Their job isn’t to correct misinformation, clear up misunderstandings and to provide what clarifications they can on policies and interactions in a public forum, and that is part and parcel of my job. I have been here for nearly 15 years and that hasn’t really changed nor have we (Blizzard) overall. The only thing that has changed is the number of people who seem to claim that there has been some fundamental shift in our Support when the reverse is often true. We are helping more often on more situations than we used to, not less.

I’m sorry if you feel my attitude is distasteful, Jawsh, but I feel you are projecting that assumed attitude on me as it certainly isn’t originating with me.