7 day suspension for pvp violation

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Most welcome! I’m sorry you’re in this spot, but they’ve been going through and doing these punishment waves often enough now that I keep these posts bookmarked.


Correct, it is not ONLY player reports. Player reports get the name, server, date/time, and logs in front of a GM. The GM decides if the reports are valid and issues a penalty, or not, based on the logs.

There is no automated system behind a suspension though. That was applied by a human looking at reports and logs.

If you keep getting reported it means that your fellow team mates don’t consider your play style to be helpful participation. To get a suspension it means you were reported over multiple games and the logs backed low participation.

The goal is to keep people from “leaching” by just running off somewhere and hanging out instead of helping the team actively.

Leilleath correctly posted lots of Blue Blizzard posts on the subject.


Do you guys just never pvp at all? I barely pvp and I know this is flat out wrong.

If you don’t defend bases in AV, which is what the OP is talking about, the enemy team will back cap. If they back cap, the end boss keeps his minions.

You have to stay in the bunker/tower until it starts burning. That’s is a legit and smart strat for AV.

And I’m not saying the OP or Exposed is innocent. We all know that what you think you’re suspended for isn’t always what you were suspended for. I’m just disagreeing with you two saying you’re not supposed to defend bunkers and towers in AV because you absolutely are.


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I’ll be blunt; doesn’t matter if anyone here PVP or not, the end results is folks wasn’t taking part of event/BG and got action for it. No amount of ‘They was just defending’ is going to help in the long run as neither you or I was there to denote whom was doing what, just their work on it. For all we know, they could be huddle in the corner of the map doing nothing.

It matters when they’re trying to tell the OP what they did wrong.

You are supposed to defend bases in AV. Every time a bunker/tower is taken, a minion of the end boss disappears. The goal is to either get rid of all of them or at least have it down to one set.

It takes like, 5 minutes (IIRC) for a bunker/tower to “burn.” You have to guard the flag until that happens because if you don’t Rogues and/or Druids will back cap them to keep their boss strong.

I get that the only people that really knows what happened is Blizzard and the OP and I even said that.


It depends on the group. Some don’t care about reducing the number of minions. It’s just a blaze to the boss. Especially in random AV.

If the random groups decides to farm honor, they will group up and farm near a grave yard. If you are defending a tower then it looks like non-participation because the rest of the group isn’t trying to do the objectives.

It really doesn’t matter what the objectives of AV are supposed to be. It’s what the group is actually doing that determines participation/non-participation in AV.


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After reading those posts I understand y I got banned.

This is just… really sad imagine if gms think the same…

But will Blizzard suspend someone for doing what they’re supposed to do? The only guide people have (since it’s no longer on their website and Blizzard always refers you to Wowhead) is this:

That clearly says “take bunkers.” The only way to do that is defend them. I would hope that Blizzard really didn’t suspend someone for doing what they read they were supposed to do but like I said:


According to the Blue posts, yes. If the group is doing a different strategy.


When Blizzard drops the hammer on Non-Participation, they do after looking after weeks of logs and those show a consistent behavior. Blizzard doesn’t ban after one BG, it has to go on for weeks for them to suspend an account.


This is the most important part (emphasis mine) in that this wasn’t a single round where they were “defending” and not participating. This is a trend over multiple matches where there is no participation and the logs support the action.

The only thing for the OP to do is appeal until such time that they’re told no further appeals will be entertained.


some people are just rude and unfair this game. i just lock the player who is abusing. i was just curious about the TOS rules. it is just not right. some are just lazy.

QFT. If the logs showed a history of decent damage done to the other team, perhaps the story would be different.

Many groups decide that a strategy of putting as much hurt on the other team to take enemy bunkers/towers before their own can be taken, is the correct strategy.
Following your own strategy of defense weakens the group.

Regardless of strategies involved, in the end, PvP is a group activity and those who run counter to the group end up hurting it.


i literally only played for a couple of hours on av weekend

This back and forth is probably why the discussion of account actions is not permitted on the forums. It leads to too much conjecture and theories as to why one received an account action.

The only proper way to appeal an account action is to submit a ticket, which you’ve already done. You might be waiting for a while since ticket queues are rather long at the moment due to everything currently going on within the game. You will get an answer, you just need to be patient.

I will touch upon one thing though:

Depending on how many games were played during that time, if you were reported for non-participation in every game, that would be enough for Blizzard to action the account. Especially since it happened in such a short period of time.


So let me get this straight. You’re supposed to wait until a point is completely overtaken by the enemy team before you go to it? Do you use ESP to tell that it’s being attacked?