500 mount reward

Just saying they got the other brutosaur mount in the game files


New mount looks to be an otter which is the way it otter been from the start

Its now an otter?!?!!?

So a mount that will probably be pretty easy to obtain in Dragonflight.

Again why are we not using the mounts that are already in the game files that are recolors of hard to get mounts

There are Urzul, Infernals, Shade Beasts, Stormcrow, Dread Ravens, Bee mounts etc.

Getting recolors are great but when its a recolor of a mount that is super easy to get and doesn’t stand out of the crowd it just doesn’t feel like the collecting is worth it. Especially when it is the first new mount achievement we have got in years.


Didnt know we already had an Otter but maybe its a placeholder?

Unless they make this the only Otter in game it won’t be worth the Hype of the achievement.

There have been multiple datamined Otter mounts. Odds of none of them being implemented are slim.


Hoping they change it again then because this seems poor taste


I would rather have one more recolor of the nighthold infernal then this one :frowning:

But I am happy that after all they added more achievements to this.

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Id love something totally out of left field like a flying mailbox that actually works as a mailbox or something but im a sucker for unconventional things being mounts


I wonder what goes into the thought process for this? Is it one person or a team that chooses. I think it be neat to have the community vote like we did for the Tree Mount.


The new mount is certainly much better than the old one, but it’s still a recolor of others. It would be great if for such an important achievement you got something totally unique.


I was reading This Thread on the Achievement Forum, And curious as to why as well why there is no achievement being added for collecting 450 mounts as well.

Most of the mount achievements for collecting lots of mounts have been for every 50 mounts obtained on your characters! So I’m unsure as to why a 450 collected achieve isn’t being added, While the 500 one is.

If a 450 achievement is indeed added, I would love if we got a cool looking flying mount like stated in the thread I linked! :smiley:


Id honestly take the otter at 450 if they changed the 500 to something better


A spinning disk with windows on it that can seat 1-3 players.


At this point I would take a table that seats two people that flys around and acts as a feast


More: A rideable comet with trail of ice crystals behind it, rideable thundercloud with storm occurring beneath , rideable rainbow, rideable solar system, rideable Venus flytrap that looks like Audrey ll from Little Shop of Horrors, rideable octopus, rideable eyeball, a rideable golden throne inlaid with precious gems and with a trail of sparkles behind it, rideable Fiona’s caravan wagon multi-person mount with special guests who accompany you such as Fiona who offers you goods and repair services, a floating magical painting that absorbs the player causing them to be part of a random scene from Warcraft lore


Bruh i had no idea i wanted that

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Thank you Blizzard for updating the Otter to fly and the new appearance is GREAT!


Agreed! I saw the new appearance for the 500 mounts collected reward! Looking forward to getting it as soon as the achievement itself goes Live. I’m actually getting very close to 600 usable mounts on my main already!


We’re happy that you’re enjoying the updated visuals to the ottuk mount!

In addition to flying, this talented ottuk is also a quick swimmer.

Happy collecting!


Just to ask cause this worries me:

Will this suffer the fate of other Swim Speed mounts like the Aurelids or Nazjatar Underwater Mount in the Ground/Sky? AKA Not able to use mount equipment?

Cause I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d much rather be able to have water walking, anti-daze, etc. equipped than increased swim speed.