5% Feral damage nerf via Naturalist Talent

They looked at logs for a change they hadn’t implemented yet? Short of a time machine I’m not sure how that’s possible…

The OOC on Faerie Fire change was live for a week now. There’s plenty of data showing that it’s more than anticipated and plenty of sim data showing it was way overcooked.

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Ok and? We’re pretty much in agreement the buff was overboard.

That’s not what anyone is discussing here though. They rushed in a nerf they couldn’t possibly have had time to test properly. And which wouldn’t have even been necessary had they tested the buff properly in the first place…

It was stated that the best Feral players would see a 5-10% damage increase and others, especially those not using Bear Weaving would see an even larger percentage increase.

Are we seeing something different from this? Could you link to it, if so please?

Oh! When did this happen?

Classic devs really out here proving you don’t need to know what you’re doing to make money in life.


Where is this blue post?

My b, i saw the link via reddit… i thought it was.

Deleted the comment.

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Just look at warcraftlogs, even if you have the same skill level ferals don’t even beat dks/rogues/warlocks on average performance or even top performance. How is this warranted? If feral scales later on then implement the change later. You can’t be so certain about how well they scaled from back in 2009, it isn’t the same game.

Was about to say lol. Does not exist…

Literally in the last hour, with no warning, no communication. Just slammed in a hotfix with what is effectively just a flat 5% nerf to all feral druid damage

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Tuning the change is FINE.

How they went about doing it is the problem right now!

Flat out changing a talent that hurts tanking and PvP goes against the original design intent. They hurt PvPers, they hurt PvE tanks. It’s messy and contains zero thoughtfulness to have made tuning changes this way.


Is it though? Just revert it, but leave PVP performance alone, imo.

It was very clear the nerf was coming sooner or later, I personally expected a month or so.
That they also hit bears and PvP ferals is unfortunate but also very in line with typical Blizzard behaviour.

This is true.

Who knows what to expect anymore… But sure, I think people would have been ok with a nerf that was tested, communicated and appropriately targeted. This was none of those things.

Neither was the buff, because I assure you they tested nothing and they didn’t even bother properly simming it. The OOC change has ridiculous scaling consequences which they either didn’t see or ignored.

Respect bro - you tried to head this one off at the pass :frowning:
Pity too many others were short sighted.

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I think people were already fine with how feral was before any changes, but making sweeping changes to adjust for something that nobody asked for to begin with, in ways that actually hurt the performance is ridiculous.

Though, to be completely fair, Esann is right:

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Thanks for the PvP nerf after making a PvE buff that has nothing to do with PvP fkn clowns


You’re right, they shouldn’t be tuning anything other than changes already caused by using newer servers. They should just revert all changes to Ferals period. Same with paladins.

My (possibly poor) understanding of the Unholy nerfs had more to do w how tech had changed. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

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