5% Feral damage nerf via Naturalist Talent

Should have waited until ICC to nerf if they were going to, since that’s when feral was going to actually start beating everyone in damage by a good margin.

Maybe if they’re being fed Unholy Frenzy…

People had it simmed for p3 and p4 the same day it went live. Blizzard couldn’t do it before deploying the OOC buff because they simply don’t have the resources or manpower to do this.

Nothing by Blizzard but wowhead has an article here and the druid Discord is going nuts:
Feral Druid Naturalist Talent Nerfed - WotLK Classic - Wowhead News

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Should have never buffed it. It’s beyond their current capabilities. If they make ANY change to class balance it should be between patches on the PTR.


You seem to be misreading what I stated:

This means before ANY changes. As in prior to the changes they have recently made to Feral, as stated in:

Though sure, it’s nice that they were thinking of Feral performance in PVE, but afaik, the only things people were asking about was to maybe increase threat in Bear form, while tanking, but reduce it while not. People who didn’t like bear weaving, just didn’t, and those who appreciate the complexity of trying to min-max for mediocre performance seemed to be enjoying bear weaving fine.

They made a change because they didn’t seem to like the playstyle that people found, and now they’ve impacted PVP, which is unfortunate.

Thanks for the link! :+1:

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And why aren’t they using glyphs like they did with the ret buff? That way it prevents this kind of tomfoolery. Tie the buff and nerf into a glyph… how difficult is that?

Sim wise in late ICC gear without hysteria feral was simming over 1k dps above every other class, with the nerf it’s pretty close to the other top classes. But nerfing current feral when it’s now just an A tier spec is pretty cringe.

To be fair, the article is like there because the druid discord went nuts since authors are pulled from various discords :wink:

I do not believe this change was made with Feral tanks in mind. We already have a hard time holding threat in multi-target situations, and some in single-target situations. I think a better change would have been to reduce the damage increase from Predatory Instincts to 6% overall as opposed to 10%.

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Very true. Some people like seeing stuff on wowhead though because they believe it more so I figured it was best to give him a link. :slight_smile:

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I mean, I’ve seen all the intern jokes on the forums, but never actually thought they might be on to something…

clearly this is some intern who thought he knew better and decided to push a change live without telling anyone to collect some data.

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5% nerf, after the last buff was 15-20% gains. Let’s all rage and quit. We lost 5% damage! My god the crybabies on this forum are outta control.

My dude, there’s more to it than that.

If you’re talking pve cats in a vacuum yes, this is fine. It really is.

But it’s not in a vacuum when they do broad paints like this. This affects the 3 remaining bear tanks in classic and all 12 of the feral pvpers as well.

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The last buff was more like 4% on the top end, and only in PVE for Feral DPS. This is a 5% nerf to damage dealt with physical attacks across the board, including PVP.


This whole attempt to balance druid dps via buffs and nerf is just one big cat and mouse game right now.

Safe to say it could have got ferally better, but right meow it’s a catastrophe. A lot of people probably logged on today thinking you’ve got to be kitten me and are pawsitive this company has no idea what they’re doing. I think those whole situation is far from purrfect. Clawful even.

Fur real though Blizzard is a :clown_face:


Sims are a good indicator for current buffing and nerfing /s

Other class sims are just propaganda machines manipulated for the sole intent of muzzling ferals worldwide.

Infinitely better than tossing out changes and waiting a week for WCL to catch up.

Yeah, it’s almost like they don’t know how their own game systems work.

Tier set bonuses existed as a way to allow for phase by phase balancing and avoid scaling difficulties.

Glyphs were brought in as a way to tweak balance by context.

Bottom tier talents are designed to be general purpose and used across multiple contexts.