475 IL fury warrior 11-12M LF CE focused


I’m currently looking for a new guild.

What I am looking for:
• I am looking to get CE. Not just teir but I want it to be focused every tier. If we arent going to get it, I’m ok with that as long as well all tried 100% of the way.
The main thing to me is that you are more like a community then just a guild. I’m looking for friends not just raid buddies. I want to be apart of the guild not just another name.
• A guild with a history. I’m not looking for a guild with multiple previous CE members… I’m looking for a guild that has achieved CE in the past. This proves that leadership is stable and has a history of success.
• Well I play a lot of different games. That’s why I mentioned a community more so then just a guild. I still put my full effort into WoW but I need to sometimes kill other people because god it feels good lol.
• Raid no later then 3AM EST. I am good every day of the week. I can raid more than just 2 days.
• My main is currently alliance however if given the right guild I would totally swap.
What I can offer:
• I like to consider myself a damn good warrior. I strive to be the best. I do a lot of behind the scenes like farm the mechagon rings just to have a dps bump.
• I take criticism like a baws. If you know a way for me to get better hell yeah let me know because how else would I figure it out if I’m not currently doing it?
• I don’t miss raids. I don’t miss guild events. I don’t miss much of anything UNLESS an actual emergency does pop up. I do have kids so sometimes they like to break arms or legs lol S*it happens especially to me but you will know the second i find out if there is an emergency otherwise I will be there.
• I’ve been raiding since Wrath. I just started getting into mythic as of late. I used to be an AoTC raider but I wanted to try out mythic and I love it!
• I watch youtube videos on my class. I follow Warcraft logs. I google, read threads, and am in the warrior discord.

Discord - comfee#5673
Bnet is bbrown512#1371

Look forward to hearing from you!

here are my logs

ww .warcraftlogs com /character/us/stormrage/d%c3%aami#difficulty=5&partition=2

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Hey Pam! We are coming back after a long hiatus and reforming to go HARD in Shadowlands pushing CE raiding and beyond.

However, we aren’t looking to do anything serious for the rest of BFA. We will be spending the time leading up doing prep and testing for Shadowlands. Many are testing various classes/specs in BFA/SL Beta, while others are farming achievements and whatnot to prep their accounts as well. We have some that will be doing some Mythic+ keys and PvP, but nothing overly serious until launch.

I’ll leave our recruitment thread here for you to browse, and if it seems like a good fit, feel free to hit me up with any questions!

weekend lookin for some damn good DPS