465 holy priest LFG

Old Mythic raider returning and wanted to prog in SL

hey idk if your into server xfering or anything. But we’re raiding on bleeding-hollow on the horde side from 730-10pm eastern and would love to have ya. add my b-tag buttercup#1858 if interested.

Hey Cerby! We are coming back after a long hiatus and reforming to go HARD in Shadowlands pushing CE raiding and beyond.

However, we aren’t looking to do anything serious for the rest of BFA. We will be spending the time leading up doing prep and testing for Shadowlands. Many are testing various classes/specs in BFA/SL Beta, while others are farming achievements and whatnot to prep their accounts as well. We have some that will be doing some Mythic+ keys and PvP, but nothing overly serious until launch.

I’ll leave our recruitment thread here for you to browse, and if it seems like a good fit, feel free to hit me up with any questions!

We will get CE in SL if you are interested.

Hey Cerby,

Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add some heals to our core raid group and mythic+ groups headed into Shadowlands. Check us out!