4/12M Ele/Resto sham or 463 UH DK looking for a raiding guild

Hey how’s it going. As the title says I have a 463 Ele/Resto sham or a 463 UH Dk that is LF a raiding guild that wants to progress this current tier and raid in Shadowlands. I have previous raiding experience, my current progression is 9/12H and 4/12M. Ideally I would like to join a guild that not only raids but runs mythic+ as well and that isn’t completely clickish. I will put in any effort to better the raid to progress and get the kills! If someone needs help doing something I’ll gladly join in. I am currently on sargeras (A) but I don’t have a problem going Horde or server transferring! Any questions, feel free to add me on bnet - Mrshme#1569
Shaman: Yogarslnger -Sargeras
DK: MÉatflap- Sargeras