400 MS Batching/2.5 Tick Servers

You’ve never noticed how long it takes to get out of combat to get ready to charge again as Warrior? You’ve never had a healer say their heal connected but you died anyway? Never had a Holy Paladin say they used LoH/BoP on you, that the cooldown is activated, but the ability never registered? I find that pretty hard to believe.


Haven’t noticed anything unusual. Didn’t play warrior 15 years ago though.

No. I don’t die a lot though since I have a lot of mitigation gear.


I’ve found that if you concentrate on a problem it seems to become more prevalent than it really is. I have mild tinnitus in my right ear from one night when I listened to loud music at a bar for too long. I never notice it until for some reason I do, and then it annoys the hell out of me for 2 min until I forget about it again lol.

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I think you’re just a very average player, my guy. Rolled Human, using mitigation gear over threat gear, probably not much of a PvPer, probably an older gentleman. I notice the first issue all the time and the third issue once just leveling a Warrior to 30 and I’ve heard plenty of people complaining about the second issue. I hope that the game continues to be enjoyable for you. Things are much less fun when you’re more aware.


I’m 25. I hit rank 14 in BC lol

Edit: Well I was account sharing so it wasn’t all me but still

If that’s how it was in vanilla, yes.

Try playing a hunter with the “LEEWAY” that was a fix for terrible lag back then.

We don’t need it today and it gives Melee a gigantic advantage but “Nochanges” hurrrrrrrrrr


You understand that leeway operates in the exact same manner right now as it did back then. There is literally no difference, the only difference is how you perceive it.

Rank 14 was removed by end of vanilla and returned as a rated bg title at cata.

Being as bc was between the down time of this, how did you get r14 again?


Shortly before BC was released it was made much easier to attain R14. That’s what was meant, not literally in BC.

The only thing it allowed was for you to get gear. You honestly could be more obvious lol

The fact that documented pre-1.12 bug fixes have been undone by batching is extremely annoying. Ex: rogue cheap shot still allows melee and even instant abilities to be used on us when we use it… this was fixed in 1.10.

You said

so if you meant

why did you not say that the first time? You’re such a painfully obvious liar, it’s kinda weird.


Shortly before bc it was sold from a vendor as honor points, you were not r14 for buying the gear.

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This is one of the bigger reasons for my post/my unsub, tbh. Leveling a Night Elf Hunter alt and I’m just in awe that we’re almost 3 months into Classic and this is how Hunter feels. Have had Tauren Warriors intercept me from what feels like 32-35 yards away, Feign --> Trap feels horribly delayed, Feign --> Meld is horribly delayed and doesn’t even work (Feign --> Meld not working could be Vanilla, idk) pet movements are delayed. It’s such a joke.


You unsubed? Then why are you wasting your time on here?


He has to let all the great unwashed scrubs know he is a true player and pro and only left because he can’t show his true skills.

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No I literally had the Grand Marshal title. Idk if the player can be found on old databases, Karisma on Malygos.

The delay/tick rate is pretty dog sh**, but can you honestly say you expect better from Activision?


I mean, good pvpers do this thing called adapting and people who buckle when they don’t have conditions they favor is the definition of a bad player LOL.

Sure lol


Honestly I can’t say I expected better from Activision. I thought the game would be so unbelievably easy to recreate well that things like this wouldn’t be an issue.


Looked up that name and doesn’t exist.

Can you switch toons and post on it or is it another account or on eu…

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