400 MS Batching/2.5 Tick Servers

You all fine with this? Does it feel like an “authentic” experience to you? If the game felt like this back when I was playing Vanilla, I don’t think I’d have a level 60 today. Seems like a way to have cheap servers and save up on costs. Money grab with nostalgia and have artificial lag in the game to say “Look, this is what Classic really was and it’s not as great as you thought. Why don’t you be a good, little pay pig and come to retail?” Does this version of the game feel like it was part of a passion project to you? Hopefully there’s no kind of artificial lag when/if Burning Crusade and old school rated arenas come out.


Um I guess I would be cool if this happened in vanilla considering it did.


There is this little saying I toss around a lot. I typically say it to get under people’s skin but I nevertheless believe in the saying. I am sure you heard it at some point, it’s called the serenity prayer.

Grant me the serenity to accept
the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
and wisdom to know the difference

Am I ok with spell batching? No, but I have accepted it. It’s stupid, almost none of the players want it… but I don’t believe the developers will ever change it.


its called prayer of fortitude and it gives people stam u dummy


Ok?.. Next!

I’ve accepted it as well by unsubbing. Posts such as mine not gaining any traction shows your average player is hopelessly clueless and gets off on licking Blizzard’s boots. See the post by ‘Nicholaes’ if you want an example of exactly that. I was hoping there would be other high-skill players in the forums not being keen to forced lag meant to push players to retail, but it was just a hope.

At the end of the day, there’s no rated arenas, so there’s no actual point to play the game outside of having fun. Spell batching makes the game, and specifically PvP, feel like a completely new game in the worst way possible. I’m just hoping Blizzard doesn’t have this in TBC/WotLK if they’re ever released.


Yikes, arent you a pro pleyr. Too good for the batching, too good for the lag. Fastfingerwowispureskill.

Go play CS if you want actual competition in multiplayer.


“Go play a game where the bullets don’t go where you aim if you want competition in multiplayer.”

Not surprised you rolled Night Elf on a Rogue in 2019.

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What are you even talking about? Why post this drivel? There’s no actual rated anything outside of ranks, which is purely a grind - there’s no reason to emulate a bad system when it causes problems to the game like batching is right now.


That’ll show em!


You play orc for the looks right eh? I do not like batching either but you post here like you are some esports hero and its holding you back so badly to the point of where you can not compete in the game in PvP.

Just unsub and leave quitely. Nobody cares, and there is an explanation window as to why you quit when you unsub. Just use that


More so than continuing to pay for a subscription. But do continue to s-post on a character from the pay pig version of the game.

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Thank you for adding this to this topic. It saves you the trouble of creating another topic titled “I am quitting classic …”.


Yeah, I’m being held back by batching. Guess you’re not aware of a certain ability having a 400 MS immunity window instead of a 10 MS window.

At the end of the day, you demonstrate perfectly why something like batching is still in the game. You love daddy Blizzard, they can do no wrong, and even if you were capable of seeing why a feature of the game is bad, you wouldn’t do anything about it because you’re part of the masses that don’t strive for anything to be the best it can be.


I literaly said I do not like it either. But that batching will be in the game has been confirmed months prio to the launch of the game. The topic is older than the bone my dog buried last winter.

Just leave, you unsubbed, so this is another “why i quit classic” post that nobody really nobody cares about.

So just leave quietly, with grace for once.


Later, normie! Enjoy Shadowmeld on a Rogue, even though you could use iMorph to change your race. Oops, 10 days played down the drain, I guess.


You play orc for the OP stun racial. You are the definition of a tryhard pvper, just stahp pls.

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Honestly I never even notice it.

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Oh, so you do actually get why batching is being brought up.


Game feels like trash compared to vanilla. Classic isn’t even close to the same combat.

The people who think it’s #nochanges must have been playing in 2005 on a potato computer with two tin-cans attached by long string for internet.