400 MS Batching/2.5 Tick Servers

You’re objectively incorrect if you believe it doesn’t.

Oh changing the goalposts from challenger, 1750, to 2500 being rat? typical but I guess irrelevant rating insecurity is pretty popular.

“way more skillful” and you can do it “if you are good”

nothing you do with batching takes skill, sounds like you’re comparing it to your current skill level which is evidently far lower than you think.

I guess you’d rather think you’re doing something high skill and play around broken spell interactions instead of having to play around spell interactions as they’re intended. grats on the glad carry cause obviously its just cobwebs up top.

edit: but hey you do you, as I said earlier your posts speak volumes about your level as a player.

I’m a priest there isn’t even a lot of abilities I have to make batching work in my favor so idk what makes you think I think I’m ‘good’ for using batching in my favor.

Simple as this rat, if you can’t recognize that good players have a high skill ceiling for their classes if they play it correctly then you will just stay a rat. Nothing more to add

Edit: my level as a player? You mean an objectively higher level than you?

I have played on PS since I quit retail the first months into WoD. I played a hunter, priest, druid and paladin. I played on Light’s Hope and a dozen or so other servers. And no. It was not.like.this. Anywhere.

When the same mobs in the same dungeons hit you after they’re dead, that’s not okay. Why would that be okay? When a CC’d mob can hit you, that’s not okay. Why would that be okay?

Now you can argue that this was Vanilla so there ya’ go. I can argue it wasn’t. But you can’t argue that GM’s were also in Vanilla. There was no battlenet. Servers were capped at 3500 - 4000. There was no layering (done for a “better” experience). There wasn’t gold seller spam in you chat window after you blocked channel invites. And so on and so forth.

And yet they decided to emulate lag in the worst way possible, breaking some classes in the process.

It is an issue. I shouldn’t be hit by dead mobs. I shouldn’t be hit by melee in ice when I’m at max range. Hunters should be able to use their iconic FD/trap ability without constant issues. I shouldn’t be hit by a caster after I counterspell.

If you picked up a new game that played like this, you would say man that is fckd up. Because it is.

You have problems, man.

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He’s definitely not laying his thoughts out in a manner that will win over any friends, but he’s sure right about the game being pretty broken atm.

All of these things happened in Vanilla, too.

Not all the time, though.

Also, the batches just execute wrong. I never stopped using invisibility on my succubus in vanilla but in classic I do. This is because half the time when she attacks from invis, the mob still sees her as invisible and evade-resets, even though that’s impossible since it’s removed when she attacks.

I’m talking about the way he talks down to people to build himself up.

I haven’t had much trouble with it, with either my priest, warrior, or warlock (or paladin, but there’s less to batch there).

I have specifically never had the succubus issue, and leave invis on autocast because I don’t think it is that useful, so she attacks from invis quite often.

Like I said, it happens enough that it’s cause multiple posts on the bug reports and enough that I got tired of it and leave invis off when grinding mobs with her.

I’ve seen those threads, and tried to replicate the issue - I couldn’t.

Enemy attacking me while dead

You should turn down your ground clutter if your PC can’t handle it. That framerate is awful.

My framerate is perfectly fine and buttery smooth.

It is the cheap video capturing software that has a problem.

But I wouldn’t expect you to know much about technology haha.

I wouldn’t expect a 24 year old to remember much from Vanilla. Thus the multiple threads and posts explicitly showing your lack of knowledge about spell batching.

Oh well, we both know it’s not being changed. Deal it with kid.

29 bro nice try though

We do agree on one thing though - it is not gonna be changed.

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OBS is free, btw.


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I mean when there’s video proof of it idk why you would.

Um ok? Lol wanna bring up your grandmas apple pie recipe while you’re at it?

Uh yes there was actually lol. Even though I’m not sure what any of this has to do with what we are talking about.

Ok certainly you understand everything you mentioned is completely different than them adding in a simulated server tick right? Battle net is how blizzard services their games now. They would have had to make a completely different infrastructure for wow classic in order to get around this which makes no sense. The population and layering also wasn’t a choice. Unless they wanted dead realms within the year. Christ at the beginning it would have been literally unplayable and then dwindled off into every server being dead. This isn’t something they could have just ignored for the sake of authenticity. Are you saying GMs aren’t in classic as well? Super confused about that one now because you are acting like they aren’t here anymore lol.

You should be if this is how it worked in vanilla.

This is a known glitch unrelated to batching. Even pointed out by blizzard.

Yes you should if it’s timed right, that’s sort of the point of spell batching.

And here is the issue right here folks. This is why you guys will never understand. This isn’t a new game. This is a game that is meant to replicate an old one, of course it’s going to be janky.

If you don’t like it then simply don’t play it. Complaining about old features being put into an old game because it’s meant to feel old is just silly. This is like walking into a retro arcade and complaining that pacman doesn’t run at 120fps and it should be stepped up. This isn’t the point of classic friend.