400 MS Batching/2.5 Tick Servers

Yeah, me providing proof to support every single thing I say while you guys provide nothing but tears is super troll of me.

Hunter is trash can tier atm with FD/Trap bug and leeway abuse.

Why they thought spell batching was the way to go makes sense. I mean they also thought BFA was a good game so…


Why do I care about proving anything to you again?

You… you haven’t even attempted to prove anything…at all… lol

Unless you saying “It wasn’t like this in vanilla” is considered proof in your eyes LOL

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Yeah, I bet you know how Vanilla Vanish is supposed to act more than the likes of Perplexity and Traxe, you’re a joke.

Um I mean that video I linked is pretty clear cut on how it worked. Can’t really argue it when it’s literally recorded

Dude you are talking such bs… vanish isnt stronger at all here. You just have more time to react to vanishing spells. But unlike on the popular private servers vanish is so prone to failure on classic that there is always a huge chance you get auto hit out of vanish when you use it aggressively.

That vanish bug has existed in vanilla and was not fixed until they introduced a 1 sec immunity to dmg after using it (i think that was introduced in TBC). Its not more powerful. In fact its more of a liability here than on any private server cause vanishing spells and coils is not hard but you can not do anything against autohits based on server lag/ms, which means you risk wasting it everytime you want to use it mid fight or you have to create a situation where the enemy is incapacitated so you def. dont get auto hit out of it.

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Night Elf opinion is Night Elf opinion. The Vanish window lets you be immune to stuff like Mage novas during the 400 ms window. You’re hopelessly out of your depth here.

Yeah just like vanilla did Christ that video I linked even shows the rogue vanishing blinds completely. You should watch it before you keep talking nonsense LOL

You just exposed yourself SO hard, lmfao. You can Vanish blinds with the 10 ms window… It actually means something when you Vanish with 10 ms immunity, though, LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

How did I expose myself exactly? By bringing up that vanilla had the exact same features as the ones you are saying classic has?


I personally feel like spell batching needs to be removed. It is the worst part of Classic.


Omg you fanboy perplexity who is so “good” he stopped streaming 2 weeks in. He just fraps 24/7 a day and then uses the clips that are not utter trash. Gz

You rolled orc cause of the racial and you fanboy some epeen hero rogue. I blinded a rogue out of vanish yd (after I saw the animation mind you). And it was not even predicted, i just saw him vanish and and he vanished and I pressed blind and it still got him out.
As much of an advantage you have, you keep forgetting that spellbatching works both ways.

The amount of time I got auto hit out of it after using it is as frustrating as vanishing fears of priests is funny. But you spit bile and say its more powerful. Its not. Its just unpredictable in a lot of situations.
So stop talking trash.

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Not sure if you just got here but if you’re bored I recommend reading the whole thread just to see how ridiculous this guy is.

no, spell batching as we have it is terrible and blizzard should not have manufactured lag to mimic technical limitations of 2004. it severely diminishes pvp which is a big point of classic.


That’s funny considering all vanilla pvpers have been and do support it. Hmm

can you cite me where you’ve asked each individual vanilla pvper and their response is to support it?

the results are undeniable. it allows some spells to be cheesed for the casters benefit yet ruins almost everything else the batching interacts with.

Should I reroll from hunter to warlock for an alt? @Amazin

Also…call me paypg dady

Oh I’m sorry, I meant all the vanilla pvpers who actually enjoy vanilla pvp.

Why are you assuming I don’t enjoy vanilla pvp because I don’t like the manufactured lag which causes spell interactions to fail miserably? I’ve spent years on private servers and even 60 twinking in older retail expansions, I love vanilla wow and pvping in it.

it doesn’t make spell batching not absolutely garbage.

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