400 Havoc / Veng DH LF 2 day Heroic Raiding Guild


Took a 5 month break from raiding. Last tier: 3/8M and AOTC Uldir

Miss raiding and wanting to see new raids and plan for next patch. Have most of the old school top end titles, etc. Check me out on raider IO.

Battletag: DoctorBooty#11709


Nexus [H] Turalyon 8/9H BoD, (AOTC Uldir) is Looking for a few more good people.

We are a guild that’s biggest priority is having fun while killing monsters.

Our guild is a family. I know a lot of guilds say that, but ours is that weird combination of love and sarcasm that make up a true community, lol.

We are a mature guild, with average age ranging in the 30s-40s. (We have many families, and completely understand real life priorities.) We spend a good amount of time in discord, both text and chat, and have a lot of fun together.

We have raiders and casuals alike, as well as returning players and new to the game players.

We also enjoy doing other things together like keys and old content for achievements.

Please contact (btag) Blue#1985 or taransula#1161


Hey there, tried to add you on Discord from your raider io, but didn’t work. Feel free to add me to discuss if you’d like:

limbrok#1655 on BNet

Quick context: AotC focused guild on the Horde side, 9/9 H AotC, 3/9 M & 2/2 H AotC in Crucible. We raid Fri/Sat evenings from 11-2 EST (8-11 PST). Many of us are running at least a 10 key each week for our cache but have a handful who are 1500+ io. Would love to hear if you’re interested in going Horde if you think we’d be a good fit!

(Rhíannon) #4

Hi Bootybeam,

Undying Resolution is looking for more players to round out our roster as we work to finish off the this tier and move into the next.

We are an AoTC guild that strives to push progression in a reduced amount of time. As a long-running guild we understand that people have families, jobs and lives outside of the game and we encourage you to do so! As we are a group of mature adults we are looking for like-minded individuals who are team oriented, well versed in their class/spec(s) and the fights but above all can exhibit patience when it’s needed and can communicate effectively.

We are currently 9/9H 1/9M BoD 2/2N CoS and raid Wednesdays / Thursdays 8p-11p EST (5p-8p PST).

We are looking for more to round out our roster.

Our website and application can be found on our website @ http://www.undyingresolution.com/

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to:

Rhíannon - (bnet/Proserpin#1114)(discord/Proserpin#6428)
Lissanna - Recruitment Officer (bnet/Lissanna#1777)
Mindylynne - Guild Master (bnet/Mindalen#1769).


Hey there! Dont Die of Hyjal is an adult, casual guild focused on achieving AoTC each raid tier. We enjoy a laid back environment that sees bosses fall at a steady pace.

All we ask is that you know your class, come prepared to raids by watching guides/strats, and have a good attitude and willingness to improve.

We are currently 9/9N 9/9H 1/9M BoD and 2/2H Crucible. We raid on Monday and Thursday from 8-10:30 PM Central Time.

We also try to run some Mythic+ keys on the weekends!

If you’re interested in more info please add my battle tag Wild#11964 or my Discord Wildreaver#5858.

Thanks and hope to talk to you soon!

(Worfia) #6

Hi Bootybeam,

Please add Worfia#1721 to your btag friends so we can chat one on one. Alliance Guild House of Arathor might be exactly what you are looking for. We are a well established guild (created on Day 1 of WoW) on US Argent Dawn, looking for raiders.

We are currently 9/9H on BoD and 1/2H on Crucible. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 7-11 Eastern time. We also run Friday night open fun runs – generally current tier normal – for alts, non-raiders, and non-guild friends. The guild is adult, semi-casual, helpful and completely no-drama. If this sounds like it might fit your needs, give me a shout, we might be exactly the guild home you are looking for.


Thank you all for the replies. Ideally, I really would like a daytime and/or weekend raiding guild.


First, Thank you for looking at our posting! If you have questions, Please contact me directly Frozenwing#1670 on Bnet… or frozenwing#0516 on Discord.


Recruitment Needs

Warlocks / Mages / Holy pally / Resto shaman / A strong tank could be considered

About Us

We are of Durotan/Ysera . We are a Mythic Raiding Guild with a goal (But not a need) for CE. The guild has been around since Vanilla and was the result of a merging in the two top guilds on the server. With no plans to go anywhere. We are mostly former hardcore raiders that simply cannot raid 4-5 nights a week anymore due to Family / Career / etc… So we decided to raid on the weekends. And have been ever since MoP.

Raid Times (All Times Are Eastern)

Tuesday (optional): 8PM until about 10PM (heroic / farm content only) [Normal / heroic when applicable]
Friday (progression): 7:45PM until 11PM
Saturday (progression): 7:45PM until 11PM

Contact Us

Please contact me with any and all questions you may have… you can catch me on my bnet anytime… or on discord at the information im leaving below.

Frozenwing-Durotan (Guild Master) [Frozenwing#1670 - Bnet] or [Frozenwing#0516 - Discord]
Killerthings#1670 bnet - recruitment assistant.
Tristaris-Durotan (Officer)

Thank you, Looking forward to hearing from you.

Frozenwing -GM