4 Horrific Visions, 0 gear?

As the title states, I have, like many others. use all of my horrific vision vials in hopes of gearing up. but I have not received a single piece of gear from a HVision! Did I do something wrong? Did I misunderstand how they work and i can only get gear from them by doing something else???

Guess ill settle with my Rank 5 Cloak for now… not that the Corruption resistances is doing anything for me…

The gear is locked weekly for each level of gear. You get the 420 from thrall on your first kill, and then nothing unless you beat both medium objectives (zappyboi and Garona this week) and thrall in a single run, and that will grant you a 430.

I thought It was locked to 420 gear. according to the blue post i just read you will always get a 420 piece of gear and each “tier” piece only once a week and then 420 each time after.

But even then, I never got a 420 piece anyway, all the gear I have gotten are just from completing quests leading up to the visions. I never got anything from them, save the cloak upgrade things.

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That’s not what the blue post said. You can get each tier only once per week, including the 420.

There are different things you can do in the vision to upgrade your reward.

Killing just thrall is 420, doing to bonus is 430, I believe full clear plus something is more, so on and so forth.

But you only get one piece of gear per level each week.

That’s what happens when you lay off 800 people and increase the work load on the rest of the staff. Those QC and communications people who are gone have their work dumped on other people who spend more time putting out fires then before. You can tell they’re being overworked because 8.3.5 is cancelled last I read.


You have to complete more each time to get a reward. And each time you complete a higher objective you get a better reward. But, you only receive that level of reward once per week. Even then, that’s a lot of loot.


Stop, there was never going to be an 8.3.5

It wasn’t planned to begin with.

Am I misunderstanding this then:
“For example, if on your first run of the week you clear 2 bonus objectives and defeat the Vision boss, you’ll get an iLvl 430 item. If you then repeat that run, you’ll get the iLvl 420 item that you were eligible for (because you’re no longer eligible for an iLvl 430 item until the weekly reset). If you then perform a full clear, you’ll get the iLvl 445 piece.”

The way that reads, it sounds like you can get the 430 piece only once, then if you do the same thing again, its 420 because you already got the 430 tier.

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No Alagaesia, you did nothing wrong. If you get a change, check out Bellular’s latest video covering the patch. It may make you feel more at ease, and explain the state of WoW to you.

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That’s not what a lot of game news articles and reports are saying.

You get the 420 because you are eligible for it, but not the 430. It downranks automatically. But after that, you’re not eligible for that 420 anymore.

Bellular is a scam artist that barely plays WoW and uses other people’s footage for his videos, we’re discussing an actual blue post with actual information.

Don’t recommend tabloid stuff when the OP is asking for actual information.

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Would you say this patch has been Horrific?

Id say it’s been fantastic so far.

Actual news doesn’t write about WoW, you’re referencing Blogs. With Bloggers, who just make stuff up so you click their blog and they get ad revenue.

8.3.5 was simply never planned, there was no cancellation.

Baspirath, OH THE SALT you have for Bellular, lol. Your heated post made me giggle a little bit, tee-hee-, tee-hee!

Now that you say it and I read it again it does say that… hmm. well I still feel like there should have been some warning or something saying “Hey you have already killed thrall with no bonuses this week, you will only get an upgrade or more gear if you do bonuses!”

So fantastic, that it’s HORRIFYING??!!!

How am I salty ? The guy literally steals footage from people, how can you encourage that ?

Not to mention all his videos have been less than factual and we now have actual blue posts with actual information.

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There’s no warning on raid bosses when you’re locked out.