4 Horrific Visions, 0 gear?

Maybe they should take the hint then and plan and implement it since the game is broken and people are charging out here like Chip Diller posting, “All is well!” as people scramble around the forums.

It’s broken ?

mmh… let me check a sec… nope, I’m logged in and playing. Seems fine.

I’ll keep that in mind as I read about more people post about broken AH’s, missing loot, and other fun things.


I’m not missing any loot.

People likely just never noticed the 420 they got from their first Thrall kill and discard it.

Also, completely off topic for this thread, OP is asking a specific quesiton, you’re derailing, I’m not replying to you anymore.

True, but that is a given at this point, there was nothing, to my knowledge, that stated that loot from horrific visions was weekly. Blizz has even taken steps to let you know what raids you are locked to, what bosses you have downed, Horrific Visions have nothing, no red text, no area in the raid lockout tab… there was no way for me to know it was locked behind a weekly wall.

“I’m not missing any loot.”

That seems very familiar.

Help Desk: “Well it’s working for me so you should have no problems!”

Seriously… you need to do better.


Well that’s why they ended making a blue post about it, because people were calling it a bug and such. Now you know.

True, I guess at this point… i don’t know, I guess i kinda feel cheated out of my vials. Like asking for them back sounds ridiculous but man, had I known I would have planned way better… Anyway, thanks for the help Baspirath. I appreciate it!


Theyve made zones that right now make most players feel helpless. Mins are tuned higher, rewards exceed what most casuals have.

The zones are full of baddies and taking flight is dangerous due to abyssal worms.

It is horrifying but so well done.

There was supposed to be a 8.3.5, it got cancelled though.

Data miners reported 8.3.5 versions of game items in the patches.

Theory is 8.3.5 got axed because they are a few months behind their schedule and if I had to speculate they pulled resources from 9.0 to try and keep up and finally had to cut the cord.

Data miners find items in the game patches that never make it to live all the time. They were not tagged “8.3.5”, that is completely an assumption.

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There wasn’t an 8.3.5


You’re welcome.


I’m not worthy /bow

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And here we have a clueless dwarf, friends.

Firstly, Blizzard didn’t fire 800 people, they fired 209. The 800 figure is from Activision-Blizzard, and the folks fired were from all of the subsidiaries under their umbrella, the bulk of which were from Activision (and their subsidiaries) with a few getting fired from King Digital.

Furthermore, the vast majority of folks fired from Blizzard were from eSports, publishing and IT divisions across the entire company, not just the WoW team, so the layoffs had zero effect on this patch or any other patch that has launched this year.