393 Ret Paladin LF Weekend Raiding Guild


My fiancé and I are currently looking for a weekend raiding guild. We haven’t had any luck by asking Trade Chat if there were any guilds recruiting so our next step is here. We play on Stormrage for the Alliance and she is a 393 Holy Paladin. We aren’t hardcore raiders but we do like to progress and have a good time. Thanks !

(Kanti) #2

Hiya Only Raiding Ironically is a Heroic Raiding guild on Emerald Dream. Our progress is 9/9H 2/2H and our raid nights are sun/mon 8-11 EST. If this interests you and you want to know more feel free to whisper me or my GM. L0rdKanti#1550 or Pyth#11704 you can also reach me on Discord Kanti#1108


Hi. May have what you are looking for. Sundae Raiders on Arthas just hit 3 years and has gotten AoTC on the last 6 raids. We have a whole bunch of couples in our guild that raid. We raid 3 nights a week. Casual night is Thursdays where we get on whatever toon we want and smash through Normal BoD and Friday/Saturday where we’ve just been rolling through Heroic BoD for a chance at GMOD and to kill Jaina again. We like to have fun and thats why we have had the success we’ve had over these last few years.
Seriously though. Are you busy this weekend? Best way to find out if you wanna join a guild is to run with them. We have spots open we can fit people in and see how you like it.
If you want to talk more My discord is Psyphur#5903. Talk to you soon!


I am gm of a small but growing heroic based guild , were looking for any and all ATM to grow and maybe we could have a chat ?
Hit me up at danno#9699 on discord or iladriem#1536 on bnet !


hey guys. we are currently recruiting some more friends to play the game and raid with us on our one afternoon a week schedule. i know we are horde, and we’d like it if you’d consider us. i think you’d really enjoy our laid back fun atmosphere. i’m going to post our info below and you can get in contact with us if you’d like

link to recruitment post: [H] Ruined Immersion | 9/9H 2/2N| Casual Afternoon Raiding | 1 Day
server: Zul’jin
about: casual, one afternoon a week raiding guild
times and days: Saturday 11:30am - 3:30pm EST
progression : 2/2N CoS, 9/9H BoD 9/9N , 2/8M Uldir 8/8H
recruiting : tanks FILLED , healers FILLED , melee OPEN , ranged OPEN
contact : tyledrahn#1703 or MakkachinSox#1572

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Hey there Shugokai!

If you both are open to playing Horde, Murloc Madness may be a good fit for you. Our info is below, hope to hear from you and best of luck in your search!

<Murloc Madness>
About Us: <Murloc Madness> is a casual heroic weekend raiding guild located on Area 52. When we’re not raiding, our members are hanging out in Discord playing various games together or just chatting.
Raid Schedule: Friday 10pm-1am EST &amp; Saturday 9pm-1am EST
Progression: 1/2H CoS | 9/9H BoD| 8/8H Uldir | All Legion AOTC
More Info: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Murloc+Madness
Website: Apply at https://murlocmadness.enjin.com/

Officer: Aszuna (Btag: Ophelea#1117, Discord: Aszuna#8963)
Officer: Inuyokai (Btag: Inuyokai#11219, Discord: Inuyokai#4918)
Spread the Madness!


hi there
For Crits and Giggles is accepting casual players and players that are interested in raiding trying to rebuild our raiding team we are 7/9N BoD and 1/2 Cos. We raid on Friday and Saturdays 8pm to 11pm central time. We are on US-Rexxar Server.
We also do achievement runs and mythics plusses and help people out leveling. Hope to hear from you :smile:
M y Btag- Valckin#11875