390 Balance Druid LFG


I am looking for a guild that raids and clears at least M+ dungeons and Heroic weekly, I am currently finishing up my time at College and will again have some time during the week/weekend to raid. I am not looking to join a M Progress team but am a competent and experienced raider looking for a strong community of like-minded players to enjoy end game content with, run M+, raid, PvP, etc. My last guild peacefully disbanded due to life events sucking at our time, and I miss having a guild chat pop-off while in game.

I will say that I don’t have any allegiance to Horde or Alliance and would be willing to play on either faction. Currently finishing farming rep for the Pathfinder achievements and to unlock those few remaining races before the bulk 8.2 raid content drops.

Feel free to add me on BNet (Taishuu#11632) or Discord (Zephyr#8389) if you want to chat further and gauge what I’m about!


TheIrishBrutes is rebuilding our raid team after some time off. We are looking to clear and haves cleared in the past normal and heroic. We are also looking for players for our m+ clears. The raid times will be fri and sat 9pm to 12 am server. If you would be interested please pm me at krelendis#1638 or on discord krellendis# 0880

Sent you requests. I think we would be a great fit.

Hi there would love to talk hit me up via discord for fast response Jaharra#9913,

Would you be down to resend that discord/bnet request?