3/10M Resto Shaman LF a guild!

Updated since I transferred:

3/10M Resto Shaman LF a new home on Stormrage or Kel’thuzad. My friends and I made the plunge to horde (Mal’ganis) and I’m looking to return back to the blue side.

A little about myself. I’ve been the recruitment / healing officer since Wrath. I started WoW when my guild in Everquest received beta invites and have been playing ever since. I started off playing a mage from vanilla until Wrath when I switched to restoration shaman. When MOP hit, I main swapped to mistweaver monk and played that throughout MOP until the end of WoD. As a guild, we fluctuated due to recruitment topping out at US 50 in MOP but staying mainly 100-150.

I took a break during legion/bfa due to work, as I am a Masters Degree RN, and my career was really hitting a high point. I returned for shadowlands to rekindle that guild magic but unfortunately it’s a bit like the Ship of Theseus. We replaced so many wooden planks that it’s no longer the same ship. I still love the guild and members, but there are very few old timers left. I’m wanting to find a new home.

I main swapped back to restoration shaman for Shadowlands for my guild. As a healing officer, I tended to always give myself the worse jobs and I’ve never been one to chase parses. I know how to heal, to look over logs, to improve via self-audit, and know that I have plenty of room for improvement. However, I am a solid healer, I never miss a raid, and I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to progression raiding and working as a team.

Discord: Insane#7682

I know i replied to your last post but you should check Liberation. We have two teams both teams need a solid healer. Wed/Fri is a steady prog team is definitely looking for some experienced healers.

We have an application form in wowprogress. :slight_smile: