30 Runs is

You have SGC? Well if so delete it and go re farm it under the guidelines you seem to enjoy and watch how fast you change your mind. How ignorant some people are.


Bots run 24 hours per day right?

If they get limited to 6 hours per day per account, they need to buy more accounts to cover the other 18 hours.

And that will make them stand out for reviews if their accounts are instance capping on multiple realms on a daily basis.

Are you not understanding the intention Nuitari? Blizz does not care if they instance cap on multiple realms. Im also not certain which and what bots run 24 hours. I am sure not everyone runs it all night and day, but enough to screw up normal players for sure.

They do not want to lose the sub. So they will not ban due to suspicious behaviour.

Edit: and if they do actually buy more accounts to farm on just one server, its a win for blizz either way. As said these accounts are cheap compared to the “haul” and since there seems no ban in sight for any of these botters some might go even that route.

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30 runs is nothing. I can zip 5 runs in 30 minutes, and hit that cap in just over 3 hours of actual play time, not real time. I’ve brushed 80 runs in a day quite a few times on my 1 day off a week. I have to crunch all of my farming in one day, sorry if that’s too hard to comprehend.

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They don’t pay $ for accounts, they bot farm in retail for wow tokens which players sell. This just means instead of 10 accounts botting retail to support 30x accounts on classic, which is where they make their money now. They’ll use 20 accounts on retail for 60 in classic.

Because it’s all automated, and blizzard doesn’t detect or stop botting within any reasonable time frame, they’ll just recycle accounts every 6 months.

it really isn’t that much, and can theoretically not be much time

i mean … i run arena runs with warriors still who havn’t gotten SGC, i have a char near brd — we log in do 5 runs to arena in about 15 mins… take a break do other stuff, show up 1 hr later … 5 runs 15 mins

that is essentially when geared out and trying to get your last BIS piece only about 1.5 hours of play time and you are not able to do dungeons on other characters on that account…

I’m sorry considering i played back in vanilla… the spirit of classic was never really attained… due to all the changes that were done on the original vanilla we will be waiting until nax until we get a challenge most likely for raiding, servers were not limited to being of similar size creating giant super servers… launched with very few servers in beginning which led to super servers… not limiting server transfers on pvp servers, not limiting population of a particular faction on pvp server (this was needed to avoid one side getting too large)

hell server transfers didn’t even exist til later in vanilla… i think possibly not until bc came out (i could be wrong though)

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False it does impact botters. Stating other wise is simply ignorance. If they want to bot more they have to pay more. It’s simple economics. Increasing the barrier to entry will remove total # of bots in the pool. It may not remove all the bots, but it will remove a number of them.

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Per realm. They can bot their way to 60 in no time on multiple servers and just swap realms and still farm 24 hours a day. So very little impact on botting.

Everyone is crying about it having no effect on bots, and we have absolutely no way to measure that.

I would expect more changes hotfixed sooner rather than later, and this is just a first step. Perhaps Blizzard doesn’t want PLAYERS to farm zg 24/7, and figures it will impact bots as well… we don’t know.

I do know the instance cap was put in place to prevent PLAYERS from farming instances over and over at nauseum and OCD so it was capped to protect the economy.

Give it some time.

HOW can you claim to be for the “spirit of classic”

yet VEHEMENTLY support blizzard making changes that didnt exist back then??

how moronic are you?

Basically AQ release
Need flask
Can’t farm dungeons
Open world to crowded
Mats higher then crafted items
Can only make 10g/hr

How to farm?

Clearly “won’t” happen /sarcasm

Honestly I find the most fun i’ve had is actually running dungeons, nothing better then seeing badies wipe a group, pull extra mobs, or trigger UD strat traps, oh and interacting with people while doing a run. Guess i’ll have to limit how often I interact with others and hope I can snag some mobs to farm some gold because people posting video’s of fly hacking chinese (potentially) botters don’t get a ban /sigh.

Really though. During that casual 3 hours of gathering of mats with your friends you’re doing 5 instances an hour? Please…

It just means you need more accounts, or they go to the open world. This means the few things none dungeon grinders could farm is going to be over run by bot farmers, or fly hacking chinese farmers.

you reset using an alt this you have 2 lockouts per account for 1 dungeon run, that means you can only run 15 dungeons for mats rather then 30 leading to the 2-3 hours.

The flaw here is thinking that Blizzard is actually trying to identify bots.

I’ve farmed it myself and farmed it for multiple guildies. Never even got remotely close to 30/day. Keep coming up with more made up scenarios so you can keep on being pretend outraged.

But I thought you were just casually running instances with your friends??? Seems like if that were the case, you wouldnt need an alt to reset.

Keep coming with made up scenarios. Keep being pretend outraged

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“Spirit of classic” yeah an RNG system that promotes a huge time sink but a “fix” limiting how much you can play is defo the spirit of classic… go back to retail or farmvile.

30 full runs seems excessive, sure.

But what if it’s a short run? Say you want to do arena/anger runs. You can knock 5 of these out in 20-25 minutes. 30 would be 2hrs of actual playtime.

2 hours of playtime over 6 real life hours is hardly excessive. Nor is it an unrealistic scenario- this is something most warriors end up farming.

I think you just want boosters to get hurt and don’t care about anything else.

Says the botter who wants to draw attention away from himself. Post on your main. It’s probably an unguilded mage.

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thats not even boosting its just farming the instance for its drops, its sad people think like this, to turn around and go buy the very same “boosts”