30 Runs is

Well if you want to play that game, technically bots are worth honor so according to you bots are good!

I don’t think they’re just targeting the Bots. I think they’re, also, targeting Players, using Exploits and hacking Instances (in a sense), in order to bypass certain Mechanisms.

No one actively seeks out bots to farm honor. People actively use fire to cook. Again, failed analogy.

I do.

How in the world do you arrive at the conclusion itll mean more botting? Theres literally no world where that makes sense

30 instances in 24 hours seems like a lot to me.

I imagine they erred on the side of caution.

Blizzard could have made the limit a lot lower to put even more pressure on botters.

if they don’t already have multiple accounts already, I am not saying every multi boxer is a botter…But 95% of botters do multi box

I said more bots. They can not farm on one server now for more than 30 runs. What you think they just gonna stop then? They gonna log on another server and rotate the cap there, creating more bots on other servers.

And the wheel goes on spinning 24/7

Yea, even in that scenario you still don’t have more bots. And they still had to waste time leveling up another server on the same account.

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Its more bots on your server. Botters who just botted on Server A) now also Bot on server B) and C) etc… It means more bot chars on each server. And while you might not see more bots online (cause they take shifts now) the overal bot characters on your realm increases.

To those who seem to think that hitting the limit will be difficult and limited to only those who need more outside time…

Scenario : Friday night I spend 3ish hours playing with guildies farming instances for gear, mats, xp, whatnot. ~15 instances would be super easy to hit Friday night during that time.

Saturday morning we gather up for another session of farming gear, mats, xp, etc. Again, ~15 instances during those 3ish hours would be pretty easy to do.

By lunchtime everyone has hit the 30 instance limit and hopefully nobody wants to run anything else or raid later saturday afternoon…

So two separate 3 hour sessions over two days is excessive, sweaty, nolife gameplay? Especially now when everyone is encouraged to stay at home anyhow? OK. sure.

This is horribly short sighted by Blizzard.


Wouldn’t that make it easier to identify bots? Hitting the instance cap on multiple realms on a daily basis?

Doesn’t it reset at some point?

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Why not just look at the thousands of reports already sent by players? What makes you think they’re making any effort at all to detect bots, and what makes you think that they would use the roundabout method identified by you?

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“People don’t play the exact same way that I do, therefor, they are lowlife scum who are obviously cheating and need to get a life.” Is all I’m getting from arguments like this.

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Well, I think they’re forcing botters to either spend 4x more money for more accounts to try to stay hidden, or botters will instance cap on multiple realms and then their accounts will stand out for reviews.

There is your answer.

  • they know the bots they just do not wanna ban em because thats a lost sub.

If botters need to spend 4x more money, they might not make enough to continue botting anymore.

botters set the gold price

A) I do not get where you get the 4x more value.

B) They might make more accounts, they might not. In fact they do nto even need to make more acc. than they already have since the instance cap is per realm. They can just make other bots on other realms with the same acc.

But ofc some might make more acc. The subs are relatively cheap compared to the earnings you take in with a fully fledged bot running like clockwork