30 Runs is

I don’t actually mind that. If you are running 30+ instances a day you are probably messing up the economy. Two birds with one stone.


Hey nice, now botters pay for even more accounts. Man what a great change! I bet you love that sweet cash influx Blizz!

But I guess you still want us to believe its all stolen accounts with fake or stolen credit cards.



Blizzard: stonks

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Classic was a request from private server players looking for a stable gaming platform not from newbies looking for the 1-60 leveling experience.
This completely changes how people played in private servers and completely changes the game for new players and old players.

Just because you disagree with how someone decides to play the game doesn’t mean it’s illegitimate or that it should be policed. Simple as that.

you know what REALLY messes up the economy? BOTS. And this change does absolutely nothing to stop them.

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I play the game and enjoy it without having a single mage alt. This charge is not just about mages.

Right, because me farming consumes for my own raid messes up the economy. How fitting that you chose to play a troll.

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Just because putting out a fire doesn’t cure cancer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put out the fire.

Blizzard claims this change was to curb botting activity. Please explain to me how this will curb botting.


That is a horrible analogy. Fire lets you cook. Go troll somewhere else.

If you dont like to farm thats fine, but classic is allot about farming whether you like it or not. This change is everything they said they would not do. People don’t want any change. Ban the bot accounts if that is too hard just leave it.

ITT: people who thought they did, but didn’t actually call people who play the game differently from them subhuman with low intelligence or morals.

Great day for popcorn.

I can push 30 lockouts helping a friend and farming on a day I have available. Some people pack gold making into 1 day between work/family/life

They have to sub a new account. They then have to level up a new account. Clearly that hurts them

When you get your cow up to level 60 and do arena/anger farm. Tell me if 30 is enough to get SGC and HoJ from BRD.


It 100% is

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Or they just go to a different bot on a different realm for awhile. You didnt think much about that response did you? It’s okay, it’s obvious blizzard didn’t either.

If they have to make multiple bots per account once again… that also hurts them

Do you understand how bots work? The whole Idea is not work at all and just let the program do the job. So not only will the change not help at all, it will also increase the amount of bots on each server.