30 mins circling Korthia, no rare no treasure, nothing to do

Went through my dailies and then spent some time hunting the rares, literally nothing at all is up, I couldn’t even FIND a mushroom let alone watch it despawn before me. Is this how the zone is supposed to be? Just a barren empty zone?

I fought some rares the first 2 days but they’re pretty few and far between, this is nothing like Timeless Isle or Mechagon, they always had something going on. Being in a rush from one thing to the next is fun, circling every inch of the map and finding nothing (I have an addon with rares on it too) is not fun.


A lot of the rares in Korthia require player action to spawn…

Someone will probably activate them eventually…but if you are just sitting and waiting, it will probably take a while.

Also, once you reach research level 2 you can buy an item that allows you to see which mobs have relics. This is an effective way to keep progressing while you run around waiting to find stuff.


At tier 3 archivist research, you can purchase the item to repair the teleporters and access those rares, when they’re up.

At tier 4 archivist research, you can purchase the item to enter the rifts and pull those rares out (activate them) when they’re up.

Right now a lot of it is luck and relying on that gromit to find stuff for you. But as time goes on and more players are opening rifts or activating teleporters, the rares should get closer to Mechagon style.

Remember also there are a few rares and treasures in Desmotaeron – not everything is strictly in Korthia.


The beastwarrens part is still rep gated by Ve’nari right?

And you need to kill rares pretty much for any reasonable speed in getting the archivist rep, so running around an empty zone is not really going to get people ranking up.


Tiny barren zone. Feels almost like a prison. 3 days in and already over it.


korthia is the most empty zone in wow history. theres nothing. literally nothing.

all this time, for this


Do you have the little gromit? It doesn’t find rares but it does find the rare-quality treasures. There’s quite a few of them around Korthia.

If you really want to maximize rep gains, you’ll hold on to all your treasures until this Sunday when DMF goes live, then turn them all in while under the +10% extra rep window.


I guess…if you ignore everything else they added/changed plus the stuff that is coming out next week.


Worse even, none of todays quests gave any of the new currency.


raid and dungeon is bare minimum for a patch


I mean if you ignore the mobs, the rares, the treasures, the dailies, the quests, there’s literally nothing.



Raid, Dungeon, New Zone, Flying, Torghast Expansion, Invasions, Continued Story Line, Renown/Soulbind expansion, new customizations

But sure…if you ignore all of that…then yes, this is it.


thats the thing i went around and there was nothing. empty. no rares no treasures. 3 dailies? thats it? lol

blizzard, do better next time


I’m not saying I disbelieve you (no, really, I’m not)

But, the disparity is interesting because every time I’ve played it’s felt like there were endless things for me to do…rares and treasures popping up everywhere. But, I’m wondering if maybe it has to do with population at the time.


I guess experiences will vary.

I have seen a ton of chests, granted I didn’t reach them all before they despawned. And I have killed 5-10 rares in the last couple days.

i got the fallen charger i stole it from asmongold. thats my content for the rest of the year.

I ran around on an alt on Moon Guard server and finished my weekly progression quest in no time flat. There was an abundant amount of people, rares spawning all over the place, chests to loot, etc.

I logged back to my main to do the same stuff–Executus server (low pop despite being merged with 2-3 other servers…) and it was barren. Hardly any people, no rares after circling around for a while, and no chests. I logged out at 57% completion.

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Yeah…since players have to activate many of the rares, low pop servers are going to have a much harder time than full servers

yeah bliz needs to tweak something to make the experience more consistent


This is the game design. It’s just another time gate without being as blatant as renown and campaign. Just another system to force the player into content that they would otherwise move on from.