30 mins circling Korthia, no rare no treasure, nothing to do

Found one treasure in an hour. No rares.

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That’s how it was the first day, lots of rares up. Whether bad luck or nerfed spawn rates or a huge sudden dropoff idk, but there is just nothing going on.

The human racial doesn’t give extra for treasure hand ins, based on past behaviour, DMF may not either.

since i think blizz is purposely hiding my threads, and likely be reported after this post, before next weeks raid and new season i thought it sounded nice we can grind some loot to 233 in the new zone to get ready, I suppose i was a Lil bit on the slow side as always to noticed that on top of the research grind, you need to grind more research on the already research grind in order to unlock the next ranks 5 and 6 to even upgrade to max, and not including to be the teir lv requirement to unlock said upgrades to purchase it for 4k and more… (at borderline 4 myself). Personally i think this is a god awful idea and waste of time with new assescible gear on the horizon, since i can just spam 10-15+ keys for 230+ Gear in no time, which just makes korthia even more irrelevant aside collecting toys mogs, and mounts, i’m sure some people got to those ranks but think, this just an terrible addition to a grind on a grind.

That’s true, why I didn’t bother.

There’s 0 reasons to waste so much time hunting those unless you plan to “need” sockets within the next 2 weeks.

If you do, you know what you signed up for, suck it.


I did the zone on two toons yesterday. The first toon did not get anything… what did come up despawned before she could reach it (not that there was a lot). The second toon got a lot of stuff, rares were spawning, treasures were spawning (and she could get to them in time), etc.

Now for the difference between the toons:
Toon 1 had already opened up the zone on Tuesday and had gotten everything toon 2 did.

Toon 2 was in the process of opening up the zone when getting all the stuff

Perhaps, just perhaps, the spawn rate is tied to the opening of the zone.

Just saying… (yes I have my tinfoil hat on)

Korthia needs some quick changes in my opinion. Mainly a much longer despawn timer on pickups, and rares need to spawn much faster.

As people run out of quest pickup items for free rep, the length of the grind is going to start hitting them in the face very quickly.


It’s super toxic having to compete with other people for treasure, you shouldn’t get punished just cause a DH is within 100 feet of you. ANd much more rares, this is miserably slow.


Waahh blizz give me access to heroic raid ilvl gear before the raid even releases! No!? Worst company ever!


and renown is gated until november.


there there you’ll get there /pat

That’s not how I play. I am multi-tasking.

I am queued to 5x dungeons while circling around Korthia doing my quests. And the dungeon keeps on popping out… and the group keeps on summoning me. I completed dungeons for vault and completed the 4x M+ dungeons weekly quest while I was hovering Korthia. Actually, I havent completed the story quests yet. Sometimes, I am queued with BGs too and it also pulled me out of Korthia.

I applaud the person that could do this for even 1 day. Let alone 3+ until DMF comes.

There is so much JUNK associated with this zone in terms of useless items taking up pack space, it’s ridiculous.

You can do that anywhere though tbh, you could circle STV or the Maw and it’ll feel interesting if you’re just letting other things take over.

The daily quest rewards are, for some reason, random.

I roll with two accounts at a time, one uselessly on auto-follow while I cruise around on the other. For the same quests with the same amount of progress, one of them was offered quest rewards of all anima, and one of them was offered all of the new research-whatever-currency-because-if-there’s-ONE-THING-we-don’t-have-ENOUGH-OF-in-this-game-is-currencies.


Fun fact: we actually have more currencies now than we did at the end of BFA lol.

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What gromit? Where do you get this gromit?

I just found my FIRST Tasty Mushroom after 2 1/2 days. Not to mention, there are ppl camping Mushroom spawn points. All it takes is two ppl to click and the Mushroom disappears. Some of the areas where the Mushrooms spawn are a bit tricky to get to and you can die trying. No wonder why ppl camp the spawn point. It would be better if the Mushroom spawns didn’t disappear 5 seconds after 2 ppl loot it when ur trying to run up a tree branch or snake around the hillside, up a branch, jump down, and hopefully land on the branch that has the node to loot, by then, someone already snagged the node and disappears just as you are channeling. Running around trying to snag a chance at a node is exhausting. Ahhh, good times. Welcome to 9.1 Champions!


Buy it from the archivist. Its tier 1 so you should be able to get it soon as you unlock that rep.