30 Instance Limit Screws Feral Druids

Hello, I am a former rank 1 parsing feral dps and current Field Marshal. I have made it my goal to prove the majority of the community wrong and put out insane numbers in raid. Feral dps has one of the highest skill caps in the game, and in order to even just be relevant you must have: All consumables, all world buffs, and at least 1 crowd pummeler per boss fight. You may think that a feral should be able to gather plenty of crowd pummelers within 30 instances, but you’re wrong. For example, 28/30 of my runs from yesterday did not result in a crowd pummeler drop. And while being so desperate just to get one more MCP (manual crowd pummeler), it is very easy to hit the 30 instance cap and not be able to get DMT buffs for raid. I understand the botting problem, but why screw over the raid spec that has to try harder then everyone else just to be relevant, let alone out perform? Also, how am I supposed to level up my alts through dungeons if I’m having to hit the lockout cap just to get a decent number of MCPs for the week (10 for bwl, 11 for MC, 1 for ONY, 2-3 for ZG)?

DISCLOSER I am not saying Druid’s are the only class negatively affected by these changes, but I am telling my point of view as a Druid player. I hope other classes will also speak out to how this is negatively affecting your experience! <3*

Two possible solutions are:
Revoke this action, or increase the Manual Crowd Pummeler drop rate.

Also, there should be a dungeon lockout tracker similar to the raid info tab that displays your lockout timers.
Please fix this ASAP.

" Manual Crowd Pummeler
Item Level 34
Binds when picked up

Two-Hand Mace

46 - 70 Damage Speed 2.00

(29.00 damage per second)
+16 Strength
+5 Agility
Durability 100 / 100

Requires Level 29
Use: [Increases your attack speed by 50% for 30 sec.]
3 Charges

Sell Price: 95 64

Dropped by: Crowd Pummeler 9-60

Drop Chance: 32.66% "


Very respectfully,



Seconded. This needs to be fixed.


I didn’t even think of this holy heck this ruins my druid as I’m down to 4 charges left since the 30 limit was added


I had an insane string yesterday of 3/5 MCP drop and then a 5/5. Was such a drastic change from WISHING I could get 1/10 that I had to come to the forums to see if there was a hotfix post.

The next run being 0/5 indicated I was just absurdly lucky.


seconded. The 30 cap is nonsense.


You didn’t pick feral to top meters so what’s the big deal.


Feral is a meme spec.


Well, here is a topic that is new and exciting.


Considering your highest dps on Vael is 685. I do not believe you are qualified to speak on this.

                            Has mana

I completely agree, the 30 instance cap is a complete joke.


Troll thread with troll alts all using their first post to just say “I agree” never to be heard from again. If you’re going to try and AstroTurf the forums, try harder.

This doesn’t impact most players. This doesn’t impact most druids. This doesn’t impact most feral druids. This doesn’t impact most feral DPS druids. This impacts feral DPS druids who have to do all their farming in one or two calendar days and want ~ 15-20 MCP per week. But to be honest, needing that many MCP means either: you’re using them on trash, in which case I don’t care, or your guild is casual enough that boss fights are taking a couple minutes. Any boss with under a million health dies in under a minute if your raid DPS can average 500. So there should be multiple fights you couldn’t theoretically even use all 3 charges on MCP, assuming th OP is as good as they say they are.



Either way the 30 instance limit per day doesn’t sound that bad. The real issue is that you can’t use an alt to reset your dungeon anymore, because it eats up a dungeon each time. They should fix that first. Or just make it so Gnomer isn’t affected. Who in their right mind would want to go to Gnomer more than once in their lifetime :^)

Warcraft logs was never a part of original vanilla WoW, parsing was never a part of original vanilla WoW.

If you want to play this game in an unofficial way through an unofficial 3rd party website then go ahead but don’t expect Blizzard to cater to your raid logging.


Its not catering to raid logging… The 30 instance cap is conflicting to the ability of someone farming mcps, it is something that was good for botting ect. but definitely not good in terms of gameplay. If someone wants to play the game a certain way… they shouldnt be restricted by blizzard trying to implement a solution for the time being.


Because maxing ur parse isn’t how the game is designed. You do so within the limitations of the game, that’s part of being a min-maxer. You dont need crowd pummelers to do your job or to make dps checks in classic. The rules have changed, adapt.

If you want a game designed around min-maxing a spreadsheet, raiding mythic, or high mythic+ dungeon running in retail is your game.

But go ahead, keep complaining about crowd pummelers and watch Blizzard nerf it to be unique, or a 30 minute cooldown. Because that’s what Blizzard usually does.


Its not that he HAS to parse well, people like to play the game to be good. People play classic for A nostalgia and B to improve and clear through the raids. Trying to do the best of your ability in my opinion is just a way the game is meant to be played, reguardless of 3rd party websites ect.


Former rank 1? When was that? You don’t even have 99s on every fight.

You are saying you want to spend more than 6 hours per day farming MCPs?

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And if he wants to play that way it’s fine, but that’s now how the game was built. It is unreasonable to expect Blizzard to support it much beyond token changes like the advanced combat log now capturing buffs. WoW was designed as a casual game, the bar for everything is set intentionally low. Going past that is fun if you enjoy it, but Blizzard did not really balance the game around that behavior. If that’s how you want to play, retail really suits you better. I know that’s something of a slur around here, but it shouldn’t be. Retail is decent game in it’s own right with a lot of features to enjoy.


Except this is 16 year old raid content that is completely figured out with addons that are loaded with full boss knowledge from the jump.

You don’t need warcraft logs, or high parsing, or world buff stacking, or mcp farming, or any of these other novel things that were introduced into this game 16 years later by retail players to clear any of this raid content.