3 Day Suspension Appeal

Hey support :smiley:

I submitted an appeal for a 3 day suspension I recieved and I understand ya’ll are swamped and I might not hear back for the weekend. Was just hoping to hear back from someone on an explanation on what I was suspended for. I have never been suspended before but the email says “disruptive behavior.” Not sure exactly what I did or if it was a mistake but I’d love to know exactly so I can make sure whatever it was to not do it again! Appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

They don’t tend to provide much more detail than that.

Though a few times recently we’ve seen this category come up and it wasn’t the most accurate.

It’s possible a blue might be able to confirm/clarify a little, but don’t expect too many details. That’s to prevent people from abusing the system.


Would love to hear from a blue on it :smiley: the only thing I can think of is that I did buy a LOT of pets on the AH last night - not sure if that triggered something? I use the zygors AH addon. Aside from that, I really am at a loss for what it could have been.

Buying things from the AH didn’t cause this. Otherwise the majority of accounts would be closed.


Fair point - hoping I can hear from a blue on exactly what caused this. I have a really good track record so it was kinda a slap to the face ya know?

Also, the penalty does not have to be the result of any recent actions you may or may not performed. Investigations take time, so this could have been from something several weeks or a month or so ago.


Ahhh good to know. Ill just hope to hear back from a blue so I know exactly what it was. Just sucks cause I have the weekend off and was looking forward to playing. Hopefully they can get back to me and maybe look into a overturn since I have a clear history.

About this part, while the blues might be able to shed some light sometimes, they’re not a part of the team that handles appeals. You have to wait on your ticket for that.


Appreciate the help, Perl :slight_smile: I think I’d just like to have some peace of mind from the blues here on if it looks like it was a mistake or if it was something I did that was wrong. Figure before my appeal is seen the suspension may be over - would still like to learn from what I did so I don’t do it again :slight_smile:

A reminder that fishing for a blue response is against coc. You’ve asked for it 4 times in this thread.

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Fair enough. I missed that piece.

I was probably responding to the pattern we see here where the next post demands a blue response…