3 Blonde 2 redheads

That’s fine, i’d be ok with more void options, but they’re giving us natural options.

Talking about high elves: Blood elves have blue eye colour, do you think this is ok? because that’s high not blood.


Which group had more fun?

Give void elves the blood elf colors. Give blood elves the void elf hair colors and hairstyles. Fair trade? My void elves are dark skinned : / was really hoping for black and dark brown sadly.


My blood elf hasnt seen jet black option at the barber since SL. Its like a weird dark purple
My friend who had jet black before SL and hasnt changed it still has it but my belf can’t pick the same black that he has :joy:

The new human hair styles have a jet black color I want that shade of black :c

It’s a preview. Pump the brakes on the rage machine. Previews are not all encompassing.

Yeah but if we don’t voice our concerns and wants of feedback now they’ll just ship it like it is which they prob will do already but I still want to voice my concerns being



Except they specifically said 5 natural hair colors and the preview contains 5. So, no, no more are currently planned for 9.1.5

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Well man, I was A-Ok with that until Ion opened his big mouth and linked the color as “Helfer RP experience only”.

Literally killed any interest I could had had on that eye color and the purple one. Also, if you actually care, we would appreciate if you support our plight in the “Let give us green eye color NAOW!!” thread.

Ah, fair enough in this case.

Or you can wait and they could work on Worgen customization that we would be grateful for. Blizzard Worgen are ready if you want to make a deal for more grateful customers who will be happy to get options.


I like the platinum blonde and the red one, but i wanted black and white. We have to be patient cause nightborne and lf draenei are receiving their customization pass now, not void elves. 9.1.5 is not here yet, maybe when they finish NB and LFD they will add more options for velves.


To be fair, Void=/=Blood.
Tho I certainly appreciate the proposed colors, I don’t think having all colors are necessary. It is already more than we should have when it comes to Void elves.

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Not enough flags in the world…


You stay away from my black haired and red haired blood elves.

/hugs the nearest one


It’s very child-like to assume that all the colors seen in the preview are the only colors they’re adding.

No one trusts Blizzard.

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I still don’t get the lack of black hair thing for velfs. They’ve got the emo stick so far wedged up their keisters that I’m a tad surprised they can have any color that isn’t black, or maybe really dark purple.


I know, right? Not even a lame attempt before launching into their complaint.

3 Blondes and 2 Redheads walk into a Bar
The bartender says “We don’t serve your kind here, you’ll have to wait outside.”

They are 5 droids and the bar is Mos Eisley cantina.


I’d call that more petty on the part of the dev team than being clever.

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