3 Blonde 2 redheads

You got the natural colors you were asking for. 😵‍💫 Please stop asking for more and more and more every time Void Elves get a small win


After taking a good look at them, I realized that the new colors are cool, but I wish they gave us more variety. Maybe if they added a LightBrown, Black and White color to that, it would have been perfect.



Nah, it’s pretty clear to me that my future is full of mostly blondes, with a few redheads in the mix…

I was hoping that if it came down to copying blood elf hair colors, that they’d have picked these as the five and call it done:

I was honestly surprised at 3 shades of blonde and 2 of red, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth so I’m just going to be grateful for getting what I’m getting, and keep my fingers crossed that black, white, and brown come later.


They said 5

“… We relayed this feedback to the team and they were able to add 5 natural hair color options for Void Elves to the 9.1.5 update.”

“But not THOSE COLORS! We wanted the OTHER COLORS!


i for-sure thought we’d get like… brunette and black hair… maybe white-blonde too. huh…

Man, the fact these people get trolled by Blizz non surprising implementation of less effort exercise is both pitiable and hilarious.

It was OBVIOUS the devs were gonna go and take Belf colors. And mark my words: Belves may pretty much get “non tentacle Velf options” as a cheap consolation prize (but not because they care, but because it is exactly this: cheap customizations for free, period).


Honestly given how difficult it is for us to get any sort of customization options from Blizzard, I’ll happily take these 5 colours lol :skull:


Finally!!! one with actual common sense.

Yes, Blizzard is pretty much cheap and mediocre as far as customizations are related.

The issue there, and I will speak only for myself, is I don’t want Void Elf stuff. I don’t want to look like a Void Elf. I want to look like a Blood Elf. And I don’t want not-Blood Elves to look like Blood Elves.

What all the Helfers don’t understand is that the race I enjoy, ever since WC3, is slowly being leeched away and given to the side that screwed them over in the story and are now their enemies. It’s not that I don’t want people to have stuff, I just don’t want people to have MY stuff.

Imagine having a best friend who every time you went and bought a new outfit, they mentioned how good it looks, then they go out and buy the same exact outfit. That is why the Blood Elf people dislike the High Elf people.


Same here regarding the Velf hairstyles, cause I frankly don´t care at all for them. For me they are basically a non entity that does nothing but put even less distinction between these two model designs.

But this is Blizzard we´re talking about, and as long as people respond positively for cheap stuff, they will take advantage and deliver nothing but the aforementioned cheap stuff.

I’m 99% sure they withhold customization (like other hair colours in this case) so that they can release it in the future to get people to re-sub.

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Yup. and as I mentioned above: the cheapiest and easiest to implement, the most probable they are.

This is business 101.


Void elves become Blood elves, & you’re still complaining? Unbelievable !


It’s lowkey funny how every few patches we look more and more like you belves. Soon we’ll be exactly the same


While Blood elves get nothing.


Wanna get a laugh?

Helfers complaining in the Velf thread over “Blizz not delivering a PROPER customization pass for them” cause literally caving to their incessant QQ is not enough or does NOT count.

Yeah dudes, tell that to everybody sans Orcs, Humans and Nelves (aand take in mind even these races got mediocre work full of arbitrary limitations).

oh, we gonna get the reformed Velf hairstyles, mark my words.

Cheap, Blizz is cheap. More news at 11.


I hope Blizzard continues to add more customization options.

tbf, I’d rather have more customization stuff over conduit content or even domination gem type content.