2h finally getting buffed

Any number cruncher’s know if the 2% increase will finally make 2h competitive compared to duel wielding?

Is 2% enough without the extra enchant?

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You’ll just wear whatever has the highest ilvl / stats


Can someone please explain why this buff was necessary? Was there a damage penalty to using 2h before? Was it solely due to the possibility of having two enchants? Thanks.

2 enchants + 2 weapon oils / stones.
There wasn’t a dmg penalty before, however, 2h have always had more defensive stats like a higher stam budget whereas DW was more offensive.

And like, no, 2% is not going to make up for +celestial guidance + 1 lightless force + 1 embalmer oil + 1 shadow core oil.

partly because as tanks you have the option of stacking defensive / healing enchants depending on the affixes / dungeon you are doing. before I got my staff, I always used double embalmer’s on plaguefall to offset all the dots and diseases.

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There was a damage penalty before.

Your 2h did 2% less, while dw got a 2% bonus.


ah, so are they returning it to 0 penalty or +2% making it 4?

It’s probably just gonna be 0% penalty. This will make 2h vs dw pretty even for nearly everything except ST Kyrian if I remember correctly. Still sim just in case or roll the dice.

Ay iv been using a 213 staff since the first vault week.

I imagine it’s a similar calculus for PVP, but any specific reason to prefer 1H+OH over 2H (or vice versa) in PVP? Do the enchants still put 1H+OH at a slight advantage?

When you get a drop sim it.

I can think of things they should done to the class over this…give us a cheat death or magic damper…