267 druid dps 10/11 heroic exp and newer to sargeras lf evening raid core just want a chance

looking for positive additude minded raid core thats focused and starts raids evening server time im positive always trying and working on getting better great with mechanics and learn fast . I showup to raid early and prepared always.

Hello Kryttical, our guild raids Tuesday/Sunday nights from 7-9:30 and have several members running M+ in the 13s and above. We are currently 4/11 Heroic Sepulcher. If you would like to speak more let me know!

looking for similar prog plz as character

Hello! Ascendance is currently 10/11H, 2/11M - we are CE/mythic focused while balancing having fun (it is a game after all). Raid schedule: T & Th 10p - 1a CST/Server (8-11p PST). If you would like to chat further Bnet me: Cailyth#1999


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added to bnet ty

If I missed you add, apologies. If you’ve changed your mind - all’s well! But did want you to know I was on the lookout for you.

Cheers, Cailyth

twoquick4u#1437 is my btag if u want to add me