2.5 hour queue time just to log into my server

Blizzard enough is enough. Turn off the dang transfers to Incendius. Our server has been completely ruined by transfers. Now native Incendians can’t even get in to play. This is ridiculous and was totally preventable seeing as how we were already one of the most populated servers. Your incompetence is completely ruining this game.


Yeah they dropped the ball on this. It should of been faction specific transfer and not a free for all. Its hurt not only Q times but also the ability to farm anything open world.


Gonna level an incendius alt tonight :slight_smile:


What is their plan when everyone decides to log into orgrimmar and start trying to crash the server? It’s already laggy enough, takes forever to do anything on busy days, not to mention 2+ hours just to log in?!?! Just let us transfer off for free, don’t allow transfers (this is ridiculously obvious but $$$ is more important, although you’ll lose more players in the long run) and don’t allow new characters unless you have a character over level X (30 or 45 perhaps).


yeah this is ridiculous, I want refund for month of march.

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We haven’t been able to start a raid on time in at least a month because of the queue times now. This is the worst I’ve seen it since launch. There is really no reason for me to keep paying for this crap.


2.5 hour que is beyond broken. Free server transfers off incendius and close transfers to here now


agreed. this is insane.


Highly debating not keeping my sub active at this point. It’s either sit for 2 hours, or pay to transfer all the characters I put a ton of work into. Once the hype died down this was a healthy high pop server without ques. Some people will say “just remote login”, well I for one am not going to keep my computer on all day everyday to plan ahead to play a video game, there is no other game where I have to do that, what a stupid way to think.


thank you skeram



Please fix this! Not only are ques insane and herb spawns no existent, but also last Tuesday’s raid time was unplayable. I assume that tonight will be just as bad. Please listen to us before we unsub in masses.




Anyone who transferred in the last 45 days to Incendius should be reverted back to their previous server and refund their transfer fee. Problem solved.


Eat the Multiboxers


https:// gyazo. com/a49c4f8a1c2fb1229c87ea1fe714ba09

Yep thats right. 2 hour 20 min que right now to log in to my server. My char was born and raised on Incendius and it has just gotten worse and worse because Blizzard doesn’t understand how to run a game anymore.


Where did all the Skeram Alliance go? That server took a nose dive.

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A large mass of our guild is deciding to unsub because you cant handle how to operate servers any longer.

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There was another similar post, and I sure there will be even more.

Incendius queues are outrageous, and will only continue to get worst. People want to play where they feel it’s populated and can get into pugs, or groups quickly.

Problem is, for those who realize it’s bad and recently transferred wont have the option to transfer again off the server for a certain amount of time, I believe it’s 90 days if im not mistaken.



And heaven help you if you have my WIFI that drops me on the hour every hour. I hate WIFI.

I have a toon on Incendius that is leveled only in the morning if I feel so inclined.

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Blizzard can’t help that it’s the best NA server, bar none.

If you can get past the queue, go for it.