247 Pally Tank LF a change

Thanks for taking the time to look over this post first off. I am currently Horde on the server Illidan but looking to xfer for the right fit. I would like a guild that is planning or already pushing into Mythic. I love the challenge and i come with knowledge of the fights alone with everything I need to make the most of myself in raid.

I have been playing since day 1 of wow (different accounts). I have been tanking since Ive started on a warrior and paladin. I have all the tanking classes but only really playing warrior n Pally. For the most part I know my class but at the same time i am always looking to get better. I lost my tanking spot in the guild i am currently in due to RL issues and having to step away for a month. I fully understand why I lost it … but not a fan of DPS. I do have a geared ret spec and i am learning as well.

I am looking for a fulltime raid spot in a guild. I can raid Tues-Fri nights (anytime) later the better since my kids kill my net.

Battle net ID OPS#11419
Discord ID Bigkef#8664

Please contact me with those … im on alot currently due to Covid getting into our house