210 WW Monk 9/10H 10/10N LFG

Been playing since 8.3 have some mythic experience there Raiding times arnt an issue for me just looking for a fun place with some nice people to hit AOTC with.

Hey spankme! Check out the info below and dm me if interested.

ScrubClub is a brand new progression raid guild that will be pushing for Cutting Edge in the Shadowlands. After our first week together we finished 10/10N and 4/10 Heroic. We are a group of friends in our late 20s who have real life responsibilities, but still want to push the most difficult content we possibly can. We are looking for active players of all specs for the raid team, but we also want people who enjoy playing the game outside of raid.

Raid teams progress faster when the players are having a good time. While progression is the priority, we also understand that games are supposed to be fun. We’re only toxic in the fun way, and no one’s gonna get screamed at in a raid. Our goal is to achieve cutting edge in each tier going forward.

Raid Times:
Wed: 7:30pm-11pm
Fri: 7:30pm-11pm
Server Time

We are actively looking to fill all slots, and all specs will be considered. Especially looking for a warrior and ranged dps. If you are interested in joining a brand new guild, please contact Arctic Camel#5900 or Legerity#6788 on discord.

We are US Bleeding hollow [H] We raid Sunday’s 6-10 PM EST I started this guild for people like myself with families jobs etc. To kill bosses on a minimal time commitment. We are currently 8/10 H and should be AOTC shortly

Add me on discord if you’re interested

Hey Spank!


Guild & Server: Predictive Gaming [H] Thrall US

Who are we?
Predictive Gaming is an organization based out of League of Legends and venturing into a competitive WoW Org. We are a mix of newer players and OG vets former top 100 US. Predictive Gaming was first formed to be a place where people could come together and have an inclusive environment to game and meet new friends. We Strive to maintain that inclusive, laid-back vibe, but at the same time focused on our ultimate goal; Pushing for CE content on a laid back schedule.

Main Raid days: [10/10H 3/10M]
Tuesday 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. EST
Friday 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. EST

2nd Raid team: [10/10N 1/10H]
Saturday 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. EST
Sunday 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. EST

RGB TEAM: Open Recruitment
CR 1600
Recruitment: [Main Team] We’re accepting all classes just high need for warlocks other than that don’t be afraid to chat!
Warlock: HIGH

Recruitment: [2nd Team]
Open recruitment currently accepting all exceptional players.

Contact: Swagner#7414 on disc, Swaggoner IG or you can email us at PredictiveGaming@outlook.com

Hey Spankme checkout our recruitment post and see if any of this fits what your looking for!


Hey there,

Soop is a Horde raiding Guild on Bleeeding Hollow that is 9/10H and looking to round out our roster as we finish up AotC and head into Mythic. We are a very laid back guild that messes around on farm pulls and sits up straight for prog kills. We like to have fun but know when things need to get serious to kill a boss.

We do alot of M+ as a guild and try to help other guildies as needed.

We raid Tuesday/Friday 8:00 - 11:30 PM EST

If you are interested add me at:
Graves#1351 on Bnet
Graves#5073 on Discord

Hey spank I think you’d be a perfect fit considering your current progress. We are looking to round off our core roster with some skilled key pieces to push into Mythic content!

Parallax Gaming | Alliance | Pro Esports Organization/Community

Welcome to Parallax Gaming.

About Us:

-Non Toxic, Learning, Inclusive, Diverse and Community Focused Environment.

-Casual to Semi-Hardcore Gameplay

-Regular Events & Games

Semi Hardcore Raid Team
Current Prog: 10/10N 9/10H
Days: Mon/Wed 8-11PM EST
Recruitment: Primarily MDPS (UH DK,WW Monk), RDPS (Lock, Boomy, Fire Mage, and Marksmen), and a Disc priest to finish off Heroic and move into Mythic.

Our organization and community spans across several games, professional teams, and content creators however the official Parallax Gaming guild is on Stormrage-US. If you’re not on Stormrage, you’re still welcome to come hang out and participate in everything else our organization and fantastic community has to offer. This ranges from competitive 3v3 tournaments to casual transmog contests all streamed on our organizations twitch. Parallax Gaming is a mix of both new players and veterans, there’s always someone available to help.

We hope to see you around, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Bnet: Allydadawg#1276
Discord: tyco#0614

Hey man,

We’re an Alliance guild on Proudmoore, currently 7/10H. Looking for a few more DPS to complete our roster for mythic push. Raid time is Tue/Wed 8-11pm CST. Please add me on Bnet Saberpro#1901 or Disc Saberpro#1256.


[10/10H-2/10M] is a semi-hardcore guild founded by Famed Slayer/Cutting Edge raiders. We are a mature laid back group with an active discord, +2400 RBG/Arena Teams and+1200 IO M+ groups.

We are currently recruiting DPS emphasized on Fire Mages,MM Hunters and DK’s for our Mythic Raid. Times are T&W 830-12EST. Expect to bring knowledge to fights, knowledge to your class’s role and responsibilities, as well consumables for raid. What to expect from us is determination, focus, friendliness, willingness to improve and to ofcourse down bosses!

We are open for recruitment across all platforms in WoW.

Please contact us on Discord Bells#3786, or Bnet Xpected13#1501, Moonleafs#3089

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Spankme!
Guild BTW-Stormrage is recruiting! We are a new guild formed from a core of high level raiders looking to progress in Mythic and have fun. Having finished Nya’Lotha 10/12 Mythic we are looking to find some new members to advance to Cutting Edge. Currently we are 9/10 Heroic and looking to finish out our roster to jump into mythic. We raid Tues/Weds 10:00pm to 1:00am EST/Server. Message me on here or on discord [Owler#7751] (GM) for more details

Hey there, I’m with Dogecoin on Bleeding Hollow. We’re currently 9/10 H, looking to fill out a couple spots for mythic. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8-11pm est. If that works for you or you’d like to discuss further, you can message me at:
Battletag - Adam#14502
Discord - Adam#7838


Were a fresh guild looking for more members to progress in Mythics and keystone masters. AOTC under out belt.


Add JrSlacker#11372 and lets chat!

You sound like a good fit for our raid. Dropping spam, reach out to me:

Hey Spankme,

We would love a WW!

We over at Pack Mentality on Stormrage - Alliance are scouring the interwebs for awesome folks seeking a home away from home. With an average age around 30, we have players from across the world ranging from military and students to 9-5ers and stay-at-homers. With such an interesting blend of personalities, we have had a fun time learning from each other!

Formed in the summer of 2019, the guild has achieved AOTC in Eternal Palace, Ny’alotha, and Castle Nathria with some mythic kills. Our goal is to further our adventure into mythic Castle Nathria. Raid nights are Thursday 9-12 Eastern and Friday 9-12 Eastern. Saturdays are an optional night typically reserved for alt runs/pvp/keys.

Current Progression: 1/10M, 10/10H

Our current needs are as follows:

  • Tanks: Closed
  • Healers: Holy Paladin/Disc Priest
  • Melee DPS: Warrior/Windwalker
  • Ranged DPS: Boomkin/Ele

If your spec is not listed, we would still love to chat! We are always recruiting exceptional players and all roles for Mythic +.

For further information, feel free to add myself, Dabears#1561, KriztovChaos#1801, or raand#1678

Come chill with us

Hi Spankme! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!


Hey there!

I’m Ønyxsis of the Illidan guild Bloodknight Redemption.

Our team raids Saturday/Monday 7:30-10:30 CT.

We’re 9/10 Heroic, scheduled to clear Denathrius this Saturday (Today). From which point, we’ll be transitioning into Mythic progression for the remainder of the tier.

We’re doing Sludge>Gen>Sire this Saturday if you want to tag along to see if it’s a good fit.

We are on Illidan, so if you try us out and think it’s a good fit, then we discuss getting you moved over no problem.

If interested, please reply here, or reach me on Discord at Onyxsis#1442!

Hi Spankme! I imagine a week in you’ve found a guild, but maybe not. TLDR is that we’re The Turtles on Stormrage-Alliance, currently 9/10H and working on Sire, and we raid Mon/Tues from 9-11:30pm EST. If none of those are immediate dealbreakers, carry on with the rest of the guild stuff here, and if they are, also totally fine and you can safely ignore the rest. :slight_smile:

The Turtles are a group of friends who have been raiding together for the last several years. We’ve achieved AOTC together since the beginning of Legion with the same raid leader and much of the same team. We moved to Stormrage over a year ago for better recruitment opportunities and a focus on building community, not just raid rosters. We like new friends!

We’re currently recruiting a Windwalker Monk and a DPS that can tank or heal when needed (ideally one of each). We don’t recruit for the bench. We are a sociable and friendly group, but focus up for progression fights and then chatter our way through farm. We’re in this to have fun. We want you to have fun, too! That said, we will sit people for progression fights if something is clearly not working out on that fight. The goal is to make things dead reasonably efficiently.

Most of us are on outside of raids, doing keys/alts/achievements/pvp, all sorts of stuff. You can almost always find 5-10 people on. Prime time is probably 8pm EST - 12am EST for the most activity, frequently 20+ people on even on non-raid nights.

Current progression is 9/10 H and 10/10N Castle Nathria. In Nya’lotha we achieved AOTC (as with earlier tiers!) and also dabbled in Mythic, getting 5/12M down. We raid Mon/Tues, 6-8:30pm PST / 9-11:30pm EST. While we’re happy to have social or non-raid players, right now our raid-time focus is on heroic progression.

We’re looking for positive, friendly people and don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind. Be respectful, be helpful, be polite, and have fun! Sound like a good fit for your new home? Let’s chat. Cazenovia#1274 on bnet, Cazenovia#4987 on discord (best), or respond here.

Hi! I am gonna drop our guild spam! We are 10/10H 1/10M, and we would love to chat and see if we could be a good fit!

Deadweight is a poppin’ guild on Area 52 [H], and we are looking to take on a few more skilled players into our roster for a Mythic push. We are also looking for socials and we welcome anyone who wants a fun home while they work on their character before finding a home for raiding.

About us: We are an adult guild (21+, most in our mid 30s) that came together to just have a grand old time smacking some dragons around. We emphasize a positive raiding environment heavily, but expect that everyone does their due diligence to be prepared for raid and have mastery of their class. Our ultimate goal is to clear all mythic content while it is current, and we will push our members to play at the level, but we will not sacrifice a positive and fun raiding environment to get there. Leadership and multiple members of the team have experience (some extensively so) in both Cutting Edge and top 100 raiding.

Raid Schedule: 7pm - 10pm PST Tuesdays and Thursdays. (That’s 10pm - 1am EST)

What we’re looking for: We are open to all applicants! We’re more interested in collecting people with the right raiding mindset and personalities rather than the right classes. So all exceptional people, please apply!

**In terms of raid roles, we are currently looking for:

  • Mage
  • Rogue
  • Hunter
  • Ret Pally/Holy OS
  • WW Monk with Tank OS

…but everyone who thinks they would be a good fit should reach out!**

Additionally, if you feel you would like to raid in this sort of environment in the future, but want a fun environment to hang out with while you get up to speed through off-night normal clears and M+ runs, please join us!

Truly and honestly, we want to have a blast playing this game. If this sounds like the right raiding environment for you, then please fill out this google poll linked below or reach out! You can contact either of the lovely people below and we would be happy to chat with you!

Ainsley - Recruitment Officer: Ithika#6509

Here’s a link to the usual spam but we’d love to add a monk to our comp!

[A][US][Dalaran] 3/10H Fri/Sat 5pm EST casual raiding guild LFM - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)