2020 June has arrived

So, every month of 2020 seems to have some type of disaster in it.

It seems the disaster for June is that the entertainment industry loses their minds.

I mean, actiblizzard is implementing a change in instant caps that blizzard announced as an April fool’s joke many years ago… As a serious change.

I get that this change will not effect most players, but it goes to show you how out of touch actiblizzard has gotten from original blizzard standards.

The good news is the June 2020 disaster seems to be mostly limited to first world problems.


You see what they did for the AH in retail?


it was only a disaster for people using boost selling to pay their rent

I got gear to farm on my lock, like jed, so the 30 lockouts will be reach every day just so I can progress with my guild in AQ.

sorry you think locks like me, who have bad rng, or got relegated this job as worthless because I can’t also farm gold effectively after I reach my caps, or do dungeons/raids on an alt.

Right, guess everyone one is worthless cuz they want to farm nature resist gearr for AQ like the tanks. Thanks for that.

Your right, it was only a disaster for them.

For others it was a major inconvenience.

And yet for others it was a minor annoyance

And then for the truely casual players it did nothing for them.

I’m glad I farmed my instanced NR gear before this change happened.

I main hunter and I got my Mara NR gear a month or two back, and did it for a few of my raids melee classes and one of our main tanks, this included constant resets for the rare spawns.

This change does hurt legitimate players to the point of considerable annoyance. Because I can reach that 30 instance cap fast by using multiple toons to reset instances for rare spawns.

I used my hunter and my lvl 40 mage to reset Mara 5 times each an hour fishing for the rare to help my guildies farm the NR gear they need. That’s 10 an hour, 30 in 3 hours, all resets spending about 3 minutes inside the instance fishing for a rare per reset.

And while waiting on the 5 instance reset limit I open world farmed. So needless to say this change has a considerable effect on players, not just botters but players, who are rare fishing in instances for needed gear, like NR gear for AQ … So glad I did it early lol.