2020 ED RP Character Profiles

Hey all! With a new decade upon us I thought it might be wise to create an updated post for ED’s RP character profiles.

Character Name:

Race & Class:

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory:

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe)?

What are your IC goals?

Share a favorite RP memory with this character.


Character Name : Baroness Kathyrn Elizabeth Perenolde Rivendare Silverlaine Von Faustadt

Race & Class : Undead Desolate Templar

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory : Born into Lordaeronian aristocracy before the Second War, Lady Faustadt’s formative years were one of learning proper etiquette and royal conduct. When she came of age she fled into the arms of the Church of Light, less out of faith and more to escape her future as a bargaining chip in her father’s political maneuvering. She’d eventually become a Paladin of the Holy Light. But like many sworn defenders of Light and Lordaeron she was twisted into a champion of the Scourge. The once noble templar still preaches of salvation and eternal reward in her own macabre fashion.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe) ?
None at time of writing.

What are your IC goals ?
To save the unwashed masses from the world’s many cruelties by granting them the gift of undeath. Well, those who prove themselves worthy, at any rate.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character .
Speaking at length about a strategy to overcome Alliance invaders in the Ghostlands. The suffering wrought on them still brings a smile to her face on otherwise blue days.


Character Name: Acialga Embercast

Race: Dark Iron Dwarf

Class: Warlock IC and OOC

Profession: Record Keeper for Coldridge Company

Personality: Easily Angered, business motivated, easily irritated, has had couple stints in the stockades for disorderly conduct and assault. (usually on the night elf refugees who decided to make the stoop to her apartment their bed )

Short Backstory: Former poison crafter, former dark iron spy for the shadowforge senate. Started new life in the alliance when Queen Moira’s faction joined the alliance.

IC Goals: Help with the success of the company she works for

Fave RP memory: Being chosen to head the Coldridge Company Azerite recovery mission into Nazmir, even if it cost several co-workers lives.


Character Name: Senneca Swiftsilver

Race & Class: Goblin Tade Princess/“Legitimate Businesswoman”

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory: Heiress to the Swiftsilver mining empire and fortune, Senneca had every expectation from birth she would be a rich and powerful goblin. She lost everything in the Cataclysm with the destruction of Kezan and found herself a refugee on the docks of Booty Bay, both unwanted and destitute. She soon began hustling and pulling small time crimes on the docks, before using her natural charisma and ambition to navigate her way to the top of the Booty Bay underworld. Now, she has founded her own renegade cartel and using the pretense of running a legitimate business, she controls a network of extortion, assassination, espionage, weapons/ narcotics smuggling, prostitution, and more that has grown to reach deep into both the horde and alliance.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe)? If you’ve got the gold, she’s got what you need, regardless of faction.

What are your IC goals? Short term, Warchief, long term azeroth dommination. Dream big, or go home.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character All the business deals she’s made and carried out for people on this server. It’s been a blast making your ideas happen, such as hosting the date auction, catering events and parties, and smuggling operations.


Character Name: Aeriara Lightsong

Race & Class: Kaldorei Priestess

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory:
She is the leader of The Ashen Vale, a community of those displaced after the burning of Teldrassil, and has done a lot of work within The Ashen Vale and the community to help with the war efforts and with assisting the refugees.

Prior to The Ashen Vale she was known for her work in Stormwind, providing translation and transcription services.

She is kind with a streak of stubborness. She has a tendency to be reckless and put others before her. She never wanted to lead but is rolling with it.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe)?
She has a big circle, so I won’t name them all here ((<3)), but she has strong bonds with her guild members and the crew of Salty Sea Doggos. She is in a long term relationship with Broto Virtuso.

What are your IC goals?
Diplomacy, making a difference, and also finding time to enjoy life in between.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character.
Falling in love, and successfully forming working relationships with unlikely allies.


Character Name: Holmstein Drunkhunger Drakebreaker (rough translation from Vyrkul)

Race & Class: Vargul Berserker

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory: A warrior of the Dragonflayer clan cheated out of victory at Jotunheim - Holmstein escaped the bondage of the Scourge when Arthas fell at Icecrown. He’d find a home and a cause to fight for amongst the little dead of Lordaeron. Though illiterate and barely conversant in Orcish, Holmstein is greatly amused by his tiny allies whom he protects dutifully. Notably despite heavy decay undeath has not seemed to dissuade his love of roasted meats and massive amounts of ale.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe)? He was thrilled to learn Leidolfir of the Redwood Tribe was fluent in Vyrkul. Holmstein is actually of pretty average intellect - he’s just bad with his allies languages. He was delighted to be able to have an actual conversation for once.

What are your IC goals? To crush his enemies, see them driven before him and to hear the lamentation of their women. Also to consume as much meat and ale as is possible.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character
At one of the Redwood tours wherein a learned Tauren druid attempted to explain to Holmstein the concept of precipitation. This was largely futile and Holmstein still thinks Precipitation is the name of some storm creature.


Character Name : 偉强涛 (Wei Qiangtao)

Race & Class : Pandaren Drunken Master

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory : Qiangtao grew up in Halfhill, Pandaria, the daughter of an influential family of wealthy landowners. She was a rambunctious child and soon grew into a rowdy teenager with a reputation for lacking discipline, and causing trouble in the town and market. After one too many incidents, her father had enough, and enlisted the help of Master Su, a notoriously harsh martial arts master who posed as a vagrant, to train his daughter. He swore Qiangtao would learn self dicipline, or die trying. For one full year, Qiangtao endured Master Su’s brutal martial arts training, day and night, and eventually, she so impressed him with her ability, that he taught her the secrets of the drunken fist style. With her training complete, and whispers of an evil corruption spreading through Azeroth, Qiangtao has left Pandaria for the first time.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe) ? Not yet, she’s fresh off the boat from Pandaria and can’t speak orcish.

What are your IC goals ? Qiangtao seeks knowledge of the outside world, and to test herself against the source of the corruption

Share a favorite RP memory with this character Being falsely accused of murder at tap takeover, and meeting a goblin that could speak Pandaren and understand her


Character Name: Zai-sun.

Race & Class: Pandaren Priest

Short description of your character’s personality and growing up: From a young age Zai-sun had wanted to be a Monk. He trained and trained under the guidance of Taoera of the Tushui. Finally, Zai had become a full fledged Monk, a master in his own right. Eventually getting bored of the Rush lift style, Zai decided to set out on his own journey, aspiring to be like Chen Stormstout. During his travels Zai encountered a Huojin Pandaren. After listening to the stories Zai was intrigued. He always thought of the Horde as nothing.but savages, but after the Huojin’s tales Zai viewed the Horde in a new light. Feeling awful for his previous deeds, he sought guidance and wanted to atone for his crimes against the people of the Horde. He went to the Blood Elves for help, “How can I be forgiven for my crimes?” he asked. One of the Blood Elves introduced Zai to the Holy Light and from that moment forward Zai put down his arms and sought to protect those that he once viewed as savage beasts.

Does your character have any IC ties to any other ED character (describe)? Dragrosh Doombringer, former rival.

What are your IC goals? To make amends with former enemies, to protect his comrades, and to spread the Holy Light to places it’s needed.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character? Drinking alongside former friends in the Blue Recluse.


Character Name: Nightvain, Sylvanas Wolf Rider, last of Commander Oedifices Nameless Shadows

  • Vall Ridder prior to the Culling of Stratholme when he was a Human.

Race & Class: Undead Rogue

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory:
Once a Cavalry Soldier of Lorderon based on the kingdoms northern border at a Stratholme garrison, then human Vall Ridder had finally accepted his human heritage sharing a humble apartment with his Blood Elf sister Valaora. At the age of three, he had been discovered by a High Elf family on the eastern shores of the then Eversong Woods. Raised by the Ridders, a High Elf family; he took their last name Ridder. Once coming of age, and being encouraged by his Elf family to join his own kind, Vall served faithfully as a Sergeant and then Staff Sergeant in several Lorderon Cavalry and intelligence units until the Culling of Stratholme where he fell with his entire regiment.

Able to save his now undead sister and taking her to Brill to become a Warlock, Nightvain as he was being known by other freed Undead volunteered to serve in the Dark Lady’s service. Answering a call, he served as a Wolf Rider and intelligence agent reporting on Horde activities abroad. Wolf Riders had been a brief attempt by the new powerful Undead to bridge the gap between them and their new Orc allies, but in reality was an intelligence gathering mission from Undercity.

His personality is always of a professional, even after slaying the Lich King, while others celebrated Nightvain humbly reported back to Undercity. Knelt before the Dark Lady and his Paladin General requesting the next assignment while searching for surviving Shadows of Commander Oedifice, another of his kind. Loyalty has replaced that feeling of a human moral code since becoming Undead. Faith in the Light, and human ethical codes; which his adopted brother tried to reteach him after being reunited seemed to have been lost for the time being with the loss of his life and death. The additional loss of Undercity devastated him along with the deaths of so many he’s worked with over the years, veterans, warriors, brothers in Undeath. Nightvain remains quiet and feels lost in the new world before him as he spends a great deal of time watching you and others from the shadows.

Nightvain to this day refuses to turn his back on Lady Sylvanas despite her questionable motives, the Dark Lady rescued him and his sister from the slavery of the Scourge. He will remain faithful to the end.

Presently his ware bouts are unknown, he was last seen with his adopted brother, a Blood Elf Highlord Paladin charging to his Banshee Queen’s scream fighting Alliance forces during the Battle of Undercity.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe)?
None. Returning player (Jan 2020), moved toons here a year ago but didn’t play. I haven’t met anyone on this server yet, just playing solo. Was a Vanilla – Lich King player.

What are your IC goals?
Find a new home for Nightvain, his warlock sister and the Ridder clan. Perhaps monitor Undercity to see if it can ever be saved or recovered. Continue his faithful service to the Dark Lady, even if he’s the last to believe in her he will remain at her side. Figure out what to do as the last remaining Shadow, his commander, a Highlord Paladin has encouraged him to consider training a new team of Shadows to serve in the recovery of Undercity.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character:
On another RP-PVP server, myself and several others were secretly recruited for a Rogue assassination team. No one in our fairly large and successful raiding guild new of it, and if we failed a trail we never heard about it again. Someone would report being ganked, all of us would quietly log on our Rogues and kill everything in the zone the member was questing in, none of them even knew it was us protecting them. We assassinated in Storm Wind, Iron Forge and across Azeroth, Outlands and Northrend. Later when the guy running it wanted to build a second crew of Rogues, Nightvain became one of the trainers, the group was a different name then, so he was the only remaining Shadow of the original team. Very heavy RP with trials in game based on lore (player made quests, riddles, targets, objectives, etc.) To this day I carry all of the objects I recovered in my bag, each with its own story. Nightvain is the last of a group only known to each other as Shadows.

Thanks so much for reading. Hopefully I’ll see you “out there” … or you won’t see me until I’m a cloud of flash powder leaving your dead body. :sunglasses:


Character Name : Baast Duskwing

Race & Class : Wildhammer Dwarf hunter

Baast’s personality is far greater than her stature. She is exuberant and cheerful with a welcoming smile. She’ll talk to anyone, especially if someone buys her a drink. She’s often equipped with a bawdy joke or a tale of conquest and glory. Although based in truth, those tales are often embellished a bit. She’s seen some s***, a lot of s***, spanning from the Second War through the Argus Campaign. She decided to retire after the defeat of the Burning Legion and take up the family business of brewing. She currently runs Duskwing Brewing Company and hosts tap takeovers at taverns all across Azeroth.

IC ties to other ED characters : Baast is a crew member with the Salty Sea Doggos, a motley crew of pirates, privateers, bandits, and saints.

Baast’s IC goals are to make the best beer she can and put that beer in as many people’s mugs as possible!

I’m old as dirt so I have a lot of fond RP memories with this character. My favorite recent memory is the Great Noodle Wedding. If you know, you know.


Justicar Kenobi

Former Knight of the Grand Alliance

Following the events of the Third War, Kenobi started to become critical of the Alliance stating that it was starting to resemble an “Empire” more than a coalition of free people. Lady Prestor deemed Kenobi a “Rebel” and banished him from Stormwind.

He chose to settle in the sandy wastelands of Tanaris and with the rise of N’zoth in Uldum, Kenobi has decided to once again fight the darkness that is invading Azeroth.

“May the force be with you.”


Character Name : Cinderion Bloodhawk

Race & Class : Sin’Dorei Blood Mage

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory : Being an Elf of nearly 3,000 years of age Cinderion would be considerably more frail if he did not draw vitality from the tortured demon souls he keeps imprisoned in the verdant spheres that surround him at all times. His age has garnered him a wealth of knowledge and experiences that, amongst other things, have left him with a costly learned prejudice of the shorter lived races - with humans being a particular focus of contempt. This ironically led to a close friendship with the Forsaken who’s functional immortality and sterility make them reliable allies in his eyes.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe) ? He’s the stern headmaster foil to Governess Thelesia’s friendly teacher archetype in the BDS education wing.

What are your IC goals ?
A walking history and weapon, Cinderion seeks to protect his people and proven friends by any means necessary.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character .
Forcing BDS junior researchers to read enchanted books in Karazhan’s cursed library.


Character Name : Cyrik Sunshadow

Race & Class : Sin’dorei Assassin

Age: 95 years old

Affiliation: House Sunstrider

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory: Though young by most elvish standards, Cyrik is aged by the slight bags under his eyes and his dry, maliciously snarky demeanors and mannerisms. He is curious, intelligent, and well travelled with an interest in toys and archeology. Unlike most other high elves who opted to stay within the comforts of Quel’thalas and studying the arcane, Cyrik was far more interested in meeting new people and learning about new things. What sparked the fire of his wanderlust was a toy he was given as a child by a dwarven engineer friend of his father. Amazed by a play thing that appeared to move on its own when wound astounded him more than many of the magical play-things other High Elven children were accustomed to. He travelled to learn more about engineering and toy making but eventually found himself taking up odd-jobs to support himself as he possessed neither the magical acumen of most quel’dorei nor the survival training of a farstrider. Due to his initial curious and trusting nature, what seemed like harmless odd-jobs at the time such as acquiring materials and securing payments for work orders slowly began to snowball into outright criminal activity such as theft, smuggling and debt collection. This eventually led him to munitions and explosives manufacturing. Though he would frequently return home when he could, Cyrik was absent at the time the Scourge had invaded Quel’thalas. When the news had reached him and he returned to Quel’thalas, he had come to learn the fate of his family and friends. When Kael’thas had called for those who would come to the aid of their people and travel with him to Outland, Cyrik was among the first to volunteer himself into the unknown and ultimately brought him into contact with The Burning Legion.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character?

Yes. I’ll leave that narrative up to those who I’ve encountered.

What are your IC goals?

To find a solution for the void poisoning experienced first-hand at manaforge Ultris that is slowly, but assuredly killing him. To establish his own House guild to establish the services, trade, and resources necessary to provide for the general defense and well-being of Quel’thalas (especially more now since it is the only Horde capital in the Eastern Kingdoms and is now dangerously exposed).

Share a favorite RP memory with this character.

My character was being chased by another roleplayer from another realm after attempting to assassinate him for a pvp quest. The fight and the chase continued for so long, it eventually reached the point where we had NO BLOODY iDEA where we were and it turned into a cooperative quest of “Where the hell are we and how do we get out of here?”

Pet Peeve: Being called “Boy” by others of his race and other elven races due to his age.


Character Name: Renato Ramsay

Race & Class: 19 year old Human Rogue

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory:

Young, dumb and kind. Renato was an orphan who grew up in Stormwind and worked as a farm boy for most of his life. He stumbled upon the Salty Sea Doggos crew and convinced the captain to let him join as a deckhand. Since then he spends his time working on the ship and taking assignments and odd-jobs from fellow crew-mates.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe)?

He is friends with a warlock named Browyn, whom he was assigned to accompany and “protect” on a trip to Outlands. He also accidentally joined a “special fan club” for a tentacly overlord, because he is so very dumb. He’s currently making friends with his crew.

What are your IC goals?

Ren had never left Stormwind until joining up with the Doggos, so he’s really excited to see the world and have new adventures. He’d love to learn to read, too.

Share some favorite RP memories with this character:

Exploring Outland, surprising the orphanage with Winter’s Veil presents, attempting to punch a shark in the nose.


Character Name : Stanton Ulysses Creed

Race & Class : Undead Gunslinger

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory : Stanton’s short lived childhood as the eldest son of Westfallen sharecroppers ended when his mother died of consumption and his father died due to complications from the crown’s cruelty. With a burning hatred of Stormwind in his heart he joined the Defias Revolt until their leader was murdered by agents of the bourgeois. He started his own gang which raided towns from Lakeshire to Refuge Point. Until he was at last caught and hung from the neck till death in Southshore. But he was given a second chance in Tirisfal. Delighted to terrorize the Lion once again he eagerly fought for the Banshee Queen until his brother dissapeared during The Gathering. Asking questions led him to be an ardent follower of Franzis Benedikt and his ‘no kings, no masters- only elected leaders’ philosophy. Utilized as the unscrupulous man skilled in the application of force he is - Stanton has found himself at the forefront of situations he could’ve scarcely imagined as the young son of an underpaid farmhand.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe) ? He’s a crush on the Trade Princess of the Swiftsilver Cartel.

What are your IC goals ? The destruction of absolute monarchies while loving women open minded to his undead state. Not to mention the care of his many undead or monstrous pets he can’t stop taking pictures of.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character
RPVP? By far terrorizing Drustvar until Clan Battlehammer mustered a response. RP? Any blush he managed to get from a Goblin or Tauren gal.


Character Name: Justicar James “Jim” Eastwood

Birthplace: Eastvale, Elwynn Forest, Kingdom of Storwind

Occupation: 7th Legion, 1st Armored Division “Tip of the Spear”

After years of ramming his face in to the Horde lines for High Commander Wyrmbane, Jim’s body and mind have paid the price.

Once considered a handsome fellow, Jim lived life as a true warrior poet but now with a few missing teeth, scarred face and blows to his heavily armored head, Jim finds it hard to string a few words together let alone prose… unless of course aided by the differen’t ales he loves so much.

Motto: “We are the tip of the spear, the shield of Azeroth!”

IC Companions: His heavily armored warhorse Maximus

IC Goals: Talk Sylvanas out of her britches with sweet poems


Character Name: Anwe Runetotem

Race & Class: Shu’Halo Plagueshifter

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory: While he served his tribe dutifully as a herbalist Anwe’s fur had grayed by the time his people claimed Mulgore as home. His interest in using the natural world to heal led him to seek training from Kaldorei druids like many of his tribe where he swiftly became a gifted mender of the Druids of the Branch. Upon learning of the Plaguelands Anwe felt it was his duty as an older man to take the risk of soothing the Earthmother in such a treacherous region. To his own surprise he survived the many dangers of that cursed land and became one of the top minds on the topic of curing virulent afflictions. This expertise would lead him to forging an unlikely professional friendship with formerly Forsaken Argent Apothecaries also studying the plague in their own way.

(Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe)?* None outside my own toons. But he’s an old bull who’s served at length with the Cenarion Circle and Argent Dawn so I’m up for him knowing people.

(What are your IC goals?* As the chairman of the Department of Inhuman Service’s Ethics Committee he aims to temper his unconventional allies less savory methods with compassion.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character.
Pulling a Yoda. Or pretending to be an annoying bird or some other pest to gauge the content of someone’s character before revealing himself as the person they seek.


Character Name : Joenn

Race & Class : Draenei Monk and apprentice Lorewalker

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory :
After the Exodar crash-landed, Joenn spent the better part of ten years cloistered on Azuremist Isle, training in herbalism and alchemy in order to support the Vindicators. It wasn’t until after the Jade Mist dispersed that she felt the call to leave home. She trained at the Peak of Serenity for many years, and when the Legion attacked, she helped the order relocate to the Wandering Isle. When the Fourth War broke out, she traveled to Kul Tiras in order to chronicle the conflict.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe) ?
Joenn is a member of Magister Mortalis, a small band of companions who meet up in Stormwind to swap stories, and delve into the most dangerous of environments together. She doesn’t know many people outside that sphere, but is always intrigued by a new face.

What are your IC goals ? Joenn wants to travel the world, to meet new people and see new places, to make up for lost time. She wants to hone her craft as a lorewalker and eventually graduate to journeyman.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character . Swapping stories in Stormwind with her guildmates, and meeting new people when they stumble into the seediest bar in town.


Character Name:

Place of Birth:

Place of Death:




Character Name : Toothgrinn

Race & Class : Orc Deathknight

Short description of your character’s personality and backstory : Randomly culled by Citadel Acherus from the Blackrock peon kennels, Toothgrinn took to slaughter like an old god to water. Missing now for over two years, he’s resurfaced on the shores of Zandalar with his trademark brand of mute villainy.

Does your characters have IC ties to any other ED character (describe) ? He has an antagonistic relationship with the remains of his orc clan, but can occasionally be seen running with their wolf-mother.

What are your IC goals ? Tooth is nostalgic for the old days when the relationship between demon and orc was one of religious significance. He’s also pretty thirsty for the fel.

Share a favorite RP memory with this character . He misses the death-rides he used to take across the Eastern Kingdoms with his old clan, drinking, laughing and spreading misery to the weak.