+20 is easier than a +15 Kara

A +20 Streets or Gambit is easier than a +15 Kara (upper or lower).

What’s up with that.

You didn’t release much for season 4 Blizzard and you couldn’t even bother to tune it correctly upon launch.



i think its clear by now none of this was tested. just take it for what it is


I’ve failed to complete Lower Karazhan twice now, but I breeze through both Mechagons.

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Yea Mechagons are good and I think Grim and Iron docks are fine (think people need to learn the fights) but Kara omg. What a painful experience for the group.

This warrior died 28 times in a +15, melee. Poor guy

But we could time +19 with 5 mins left

Gambit was a dungeon designed and tuned in the most recent patch.

Kara was just scaled up to current iLvl and has not been tuned.

People just don’t know the mechanics in Kharazan. I am fortunate to have done all 8 dungeons while they were current. Healerss don’t know to look for the ghost on Attunemen. They’re just randomly dispelling or mass dispelling and then the group wioes.

People are also breaking the traps on Maroes.


Welcome to every season of DF. New dungeon pool every season means horrifically tuned dungeons. Can’t wait! /s


Its the sneaky lil purple sleepy puddles that are OP. They hide under carpets and my stompy tree ability :frowning:

I had a group with 4 people asleep because of how sly that sleepy puddle is! I even had to revival the sleeps off!

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This is what they do with all M+ dungeons every season. lets scale up everything and call it a day .

However Kara was never a part of Shadowlands and if you just scale it up , we will get lot of rage and Drama here :rofl:

My vault is geting filled by Tazavesh and Mechagon keys.

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This is a known issue. Would be nice if it was fixed before the reset.


Oh for sure. This is busted.

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I noticed another odd bug. I don’t seem to get repair costs from either of the WoD dungeons. I know they said this season is experimental, but it’s more like beta.

Is it 20’s you need for the mount or 15’s?

15s, but that’s the same as a 20 depending on the dungeon.

20’s give you portals for the season 4 dungeons, right?

There are five portals to be earned, two new ones. All by 20s. You need both wings of the three sets of two-wing megadungeons.

By now, everyone should know.

PTR = alpha
Live server = beta

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Yeah kara is painful, I’ve got my upper timed, but holy moly is lower painful. I did 17k sustained HPS by the end of the moroes fight. That was horrible to do and I get to try it again to see if I can get it done in time, ugh.

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Hmm… I wonder if there’ll be more previous expansion dungeons baked into the M+ system so we can get the old Challenge Mode ports from MoP, too?

…either that, or just make them account-wide