2-3 hours until we see potential patch notes

Disc is actually the only fun I’ve had this season. I really like how the spec plays–it feels cool to just keep atonement on people, buff their damage, and spend 2/3 of my spell casting playing like I’m a DPS wizard. lol

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Just remember kids, disc made doors join the secretive forum cabal :shushing_face: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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biggest lie holinka told us was to expect exciting changes or whatever when he quit a few months ago

I don’t think he was lying. I think he just wasn’t talking about WoW.

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Get down to the pvp notes before you freak out about some of the pve changes.



This talent should just be removed from the game. You’ve been completely taken out of the game by clones. After you’re finally free, your output is still nerfed.

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Can’t wait to see venrukis face when he sees those mage buffs.


called it.


I mean you were really only right on half of what you called. Though I will admit its kinda wild that sub got left alone.

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monday night nerfs will probably be enhancement ascendance and unholy damage
(if they care about us they’ll nerf ret too)

thoughts and prayers


Caster meta has left the chat.

Also if you trinket it your output is nerfed. It runs utterly counter to what should be the interaction between a CC and its target. At the absolute minimum trinketing it should prevent the debuff from being applied.

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If only. If only.

rev up ye ol’ death knight, time to q unholy play again only to give up and play enh sp with 10x more success (how tf did this happen btw)!!!

then we can q some m+, bomber has a new route for mechagon!

the moonkin nerfs are so incredibly light i’m positive moonkin will likely be a tier above every other spec in the game

dots do entirely too much damage and fury of elune was probably better at effectively closing out games vs teams that aren’t hands off the wheel

spriest didn’t lose any damage, demo and destro are still the second and third best specs in the game

fire got pretty insane buffs

ele got a pretty insane buff

the best comps in the game will still probably be

moonkin/x/x and demo/spriest
any of those 3 (destro) / ww will probably be ultra too


Kind of feel like they could of done without the RSK buff.

Assume rogue is on the monday notes

I’ve only seen one boomkin post since the patch notes came out…

I’m cool with those changes. Full Moon was cheese and high winds OP.

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Based chad boomkin enjoyer

People asking to nerf more than what is OP are just delusional. Ignore them.
That goes for any spec at any time. They just want free rating.

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