1min Wings, Magic bop and Judgement dispel

Why does these exist? Is every magic damage dealer supposed to uninstall?

What is the logic that ret is 50 times better into casters than DK has ever been?


Inb4 gaslighting by bad rets who magically gained 800 cr overnight trying to defend their broken spec


Judge dispel and 1 min wings is cracked but a 5 min cooldown 8 sec duration magic bop is completely fine and hpal should have it too


Hpal should be the only one having it, BUT THAT IS A HEALER.

Ret has a RIDICULOUS amount of utiltiy for a DPS

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its the combination of all 3 i agree

But ultimately its killed frost dk ik that much

Theres legit no reason to pick this spec over ret or warrior at this point, grossly overshadowed and very neglected of attention

Why should Hpal be the only one who has a shield? lol

Hpal should be the only one having Blessing of Spellwarding, learn to read. Its a complete magical immunity you can give to anybody.

Make blessing of sanc replace sac

Problem solved

Having both of these at the same time in addition to LOH and bop makes everyone that’s not the ret unkillable pre dampening or pre oom

Yes, lol. This is how the game feels now in PvP.

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I’m sorry, does this not shield someone from something here?

Though I will say complete immunity seems a bit over the top.

Blessing of Spellwarding is the same thing as Blessing of Protection (Bop) but for magic damage. The difference is, its a complete magical immunity so it cannot be purged like Bop can. Only priest mass dispel removes it.

I’m familiar with the spell, I just used a generic term to describe what is in essence a shield, and you implied I was illiterate. lol

But more to the point, I don’t see an issue with DPS and healers having access to it. But that’s a difference of opinion, I just assumed you might have a reason DPS shouldn’t have it.

Hmmm. Maybe because making your teammates unkillable while also being unkillable yourself is a problem?

I dont think people realize about 70% of all damage in the game is Magical.

All casters.
DH damage
Most DK damage
Ret damage
Most Enhancement shaman damage
Small portion of rogue damage

The only complete exceptions are Ferals, BM and mostly MM hunters, Warriors and Outlaw rogues.

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Fair enough, but still seems more an issue with the ability itself rather than with one spec having it, and not the other. Was just curious, thanks for elaborating.

It’s just the role problem.

Its completely fine for a HEALER to provide any kind of defensive cd.

Ret paladin removes your stuns, fears, immunes you to slows, immunes you to physical and magical damage, offheals you or lay on hands full heals you, or reduces your damage by 30%. Even some healers dont have this amount of utility. Did I mention spam dispelling everything for everyone with judgement?

This has literally been what ret has been about since the beginning. This isn’t new. Rets have always been about group support and off heals.

Yeah, that’s actually nuts.

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someone explain to me how spellwarding works? When it is worth to take? it causes forbearance right ? do you mostly use it on your partners ?

Why does my defensive cooldown proc UA/ vampiric touch / flame shock but judgement dispel doesn’t?

Blessing of Spellwarding (used to only be a Prot paladin spell) allows you to put a buff on yourself or friendly player, making them immune to every damaging and other kind of magic effect in the game. This means you cannot damage the target with spells, or affect them with anything else such as Fear,Polymorph, DH stuns, Freezing trap or ANY KIND OF MAGICAL DAMAGE. Undispellable except by Mass Dispel by priests.