199 Enhance

5/10 H looking for an aotc/ce focused guild. looking to xfer over
truth#11644< battletag

bump it up :stuck_out_tongue:

also have ce exp

no love for shamans no more

Check us out.


Raids: Wed/Sun 8-11pm EST
Currently 10/10N, 3/10H

Current recruitment needs:

All exceptional DPS (DH & Warrior priority)

Optional alt run Friday @ 8pm EST and ending whenever we feel like it.

We plan to push into mythic when we get to that point, but adding raid days/extending raid times to get CE is not a priority.


keep that in mind doing a trail thing tonight for some people.

Hey friendo, check us out:


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seems you all are good one enhance shaman?

We could use a couple of DPS for our mythic roster. Please reach out if you think we would be a good fit:


def not ready for mythic just yet ive only done 5 out of the 10 on heroic… and really still need gear… im afraid id def be a heavy carry :frowning: