198 Ret Returning, LF Guild

Just returned to KT after playing on another server at launch with friends — I moved for work and haven’t played since early this year. I got back in the last week or two and ran a Heroic CN with a friends’ guild, but I do need to a stable guild and raid environment to get geared up for 9.1 that aligns with my free time requirements.

I’m looking for something fairly casual — I have relegated myself to just trying to get AOTC each tier if possible. So 2 nights a week, I’m always game for off night Normal runs as well as i have some spots in my gear for sure after being absent for 4-5 months.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hey man, look up Potion Poppers. We are currently raiding 2 nights a week. Tues/Thurs. Trying to get a full clear in one night but not quite there yet. We have players all over the board. We are always pushing keys as a whole.

Look is up and see if we fit.