194 Shadow Priest, 3/10H 10/10N LF guild

Hi There.

Back to looking for a guild after the last one collapsed. I would be looking to raid as dps but can off heal on the rare occasion that it is needed. I am looking for a guild that has its eyes on mythic at some point. I can raid any time, any day except for Tues/Thurs.

I would like to find a larger guild where people play more than just wow together.

You can reach me on btag: Valkyrie#14405.

Thank you for reading!

Hey Pocket!

Crimson Brotherhood is looking for some ranged dps. Check us out!



Hello there Pocketvalkyr.

Extended Maintenance is a long established guild on US Silvermoon (connected realms: Drak’thul, Skywall, Mok’Nathal, Borean Tundra, Shadowsong, Hydraxis and Terenas), formed well over 11 years ago now! We are currently looking to do AotC and Mythic+ content going into Shadowlands with a player focused mentality.

Bellow is our current needs and requirements for raiding, however we are always looking for new, friendly and active players to join our community.

If we feel like a we might be a good fit for you, please shoot me a message via B.net or discord.

Scruffles#11132 (Battle Net)
scrufflesthewonderkin#0756 (Discord)

Hey there,

***Recruiting Healer/Mdps/Rdps
**Looking for tank so ours can potentially swap
++Raid Times (PST)++
Monday: 7pm-10pm
Wednesday: 7pm-10pm

*Currently Recruiting: MDPS!!! Tank (So ours can potentially role swap)

  • MDPS - Warrior/DK/Monk/Rogue/DH
  • RDPS - Warlock/Hunter/Spriest
    *Just a few spots left

++Who are we?++
Asterisk came together in March of 2018 with the goal of creating a highly competitive, but non-toxic raiding environment. We raided for several tiers during Legion and Battle For Azeroth, but ended up calling it quits due to real life circumstances. 2 years later we have returned to begin building out foundation up once again. Mythic is not off the table, but this first tier we have decided to focus on AOTC and build our player base once again.

++You Should Join Us, if the following applies to you:++
You want to enjoy the players you raid with
You do not like or contribute to toxic environments
You enjoy leadership that takes care of problems proactively
You enjoy being part of a friendly community
You enjoy optimizing your character as much as you can
You can take constructive criticism in a positive manner

++Contact List++

Hueston#11459 – GM
Cogie#1172 - Officer
Lilith#12189 – Officer
Fluttersly#1775 - Officer

Still looking. Hoping to chat with peeps tomorrow.

Hello! My name is Rachel from the guild Odÿssey on Zul’jin. We are currently 1/10H 10/10N, and we raid Friday/Sunday 7-11pm EST. We would love to add another shadow priest to our team, if you are interested! Our guild also runs PVP events and has people online near constantly running all kinds of content. We are a large community that’s been growing for a few years now. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Discord: Rachel Shadow Priest#3625
BNET: rachel#12349