12/5/23 class tuning

After the above change will catweaving still be worthwhile?

Yes. Assuming the lack of reasonable raid buffs don’t make you just swap off druid, which seems pretty reasonable tbh.

I’m asking if catweaving is still worthwhile. Where did you get “swap off Druid” from that?

Yeah not sure what that dude is on about considering we have motw, speed roar, interupt aoe roar, aoe root, instant snare breaking, innervate and a brez.

But too answer your question according the our math guys in the class discord it comes down to your stat line (crit, haste) so a yes =cat weaving a no=boomchicken.

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And like I said, the answer is a flat yes, provided you’re going to continue playing a resto druid.

Perhaps it would have been better phrased as “better buffs to our raid healing kit.” I’m not talking about “raid buffs.”

Our raid healing kit is just fine. We are outputting more than rsham, pres voke and hpriest. Yes mw, hpal and disc are beating us in that regard we are beating them in the util and major cd department.

We lack longevity for longer fights (our mana kit is bad compared to other specs) and are not remotely worth bringing on hard mythic bosses right now (i.e. Smolderon onward). We also bring the least damage of any healer in a raid setting (i.e., you’re not catweaving on mythic prog bosses). We’re down pretty bad right now compared to the top specs. Any guild progging late mythic bosses right now would be better off bringing any other class instead of us.

And despite your opinion they are infact still bringing resto druids.

A total of nine resto druids have killed Smolderon, and zero have killed anything past that. So, no, they aren’t. This information is readily available.

Ima just leave your own words here for you

Bro literally nine dudes have killed it. You think that means we’re good? Are you stupid or trolling? Maybe both?

No what im saying is don’t lie and say nobody is when they clearly are as you can see 9 of them so far on week 3. A number that will grow as the season goes on

that’s my fault. I somehow missed the “yes” you placed in answering my questions. my apologies.

Compared to the 200+ disc priests, one might think that nine would come off to a person of average intelligence as a low number.

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You are slow aren’t you.

Low and none are 2 very seperate things are they not?

People argue semantics when they can’t offer any facts that actually support their position.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Go away.