12/12M Shaman and 4/12M DH/Hpal LF Mythic Guild

Thank you for stopping by my post! We are currently searching for a new guild home for future raiding! Willing to server transfer if the trial goes well! You can contact us either through this post or through Discord @ Aphro#6516 ! Thanks again for your consideration!

6/12M+ Progression
Raiding Weekdays between 5:30PM PST and 10:00PM PST
Trial spots for us both!

Hey, I added you on discord. My guild Red Light District is looking to fill a couple spots in our raid, as well as bolstering for the next xpac. We’re currently 12/12M and just reclearing every week. We raid Tues/Thurs 7-10:30pm PST. Let me know if you’re interested, the end time is a little later than what you wanted but I thought I’d go ahead and put the offer out. :smiley:

[H] (Mal’Ganis) 3/12M 12/12H AOTC LF RDPS and Healer

We are a newly formed Guild but all experienced players with CE exp Looking to solidify our roster to finish pushing through Ny’lotha and continue strong into Shadowlands. We currently push high keys and run heroic Ny’lotha to gear alts.

Tues/Thurs 8-11PM EST

Ranged: Hunter, Mage

Melee: DH,

1 Healer

One of our tanks is willing to swap heals too

Will consider any exceptional players

Btag: Smokey#1196

Discord: Smokey#9390

Average Effort (H) [Area-52] T/W/TH 8-11 EST.

Recently reformed guild with 10/12M Leadership in Ny’alotha and multiple members with CE from previous tiers. Looking for a few more solid players to round out roster to jump back into mythic and push for CE this tier and hit the ground running come Shadowlands.

Ranged: Open to all
Melee: DH, DK

BTag: Talget#1407
Discord: Talget#9135

Guild: Without End
Raid days: Tues Thurs 8-11 CST
Progression: 11/12m (N’) CE Guild
Avg. Age: 30s
Need: Healer and Ranged DPS
non-Toxic Environment
Btag: LordBaker#1349

More info: [H] Area 52 - - 3/8M | 9/9M CE 6-8H/wk LFM!