(H) <Average Effort> Now recruiting lead by 10/12M

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Join Average Effort .

If you are looking for a fresh start, are a weathered veteran coming back to the game, or from a guild that has just lost their Guild Master or Raid leader and need a new home, consider us!


We began as a 20-man N/H raiding group in Mists of Pandaria and quickly hit 14/14H in SoO with a fledgling roster by the raid’s end. Although many players took a break from the game during Warlords of Draenor, some of us have stuck together to clear later expansion’s content at the Cutting Edge level, with leadership being high-end Mythic raiders in NA’s top 120 guilds during some tiers. Average Effort is looking to make a resurgence with fresh blood and a new outlook on raiding.


Raiding Schedule:
Tues, Wed, Thurs 8:00 - 11:00 PM EST. with a 10 minute break.
We will rarely go past our raid time. We might have a pull go 5-10 minutes past the end of raid occasionally, but most of us work in the morning and are eager to end on time.

Average Effort is focused on progression and we will always fine-tune our roster to select the best players/classes for each boss in order to achieve our raiding goals as efficiently as possible.
While we do not recruit for a bench, each player must earn and retain their raid spot in order to maintain integrity within the roster.
We value players who can think critically, contribute objectively and constructively, and enjoy a mature, fast-paced raiding environment.
We expect that each player is capable of analyzing logs and improving on their gameplay, showing up to raid prepared, and able to use a mic when appropriate.
Mistakes will happen and are taken in stride, but we strive to respect each person’s time and commitment to the raid and want to ensure that we are able to address all issues quickly with each attempt.

How to Apply:
Contact any of the officers on discord or btag for a link to our application forum.


Guild Master: Jung
BTag: Jung#1698
Discord: Jungestson#3098

BTag: Talget#1407
Discord: Talget#9135

BTag: Lichblade#1883
Discord: Lichblade#4921

Looking for some RDPS!

Good morning! Still looking for more.

Looking for dedicated tank / rdps

Man… some healthstones would be great.

1-2 locks - 1-2 mages - where are you guys at?

Maybe a zappy boi? Need those fat totems

Still looking for those juicy mages, shamans, and warlocks!

Personally I think all the mages are playing D3… :frowning: