1.12 AV is a huge, huge mistake

I would just like to add my name here and say I’m also very disappointed in 1.12 AV. I hope you will all reconsider and give us the original epic battle that was originally released.

Honor farming can be done in WSG and AB. Sometimes I just want to queue up for a big battle for fun. Not everything needs to be an honor farm.

Hope y’all change your mind and give us Korrak back!


Long time player here (despite my forums character)

I also agree with the OP. While 1.12 AV isn’t necessarily a terrible option, turtle AV’s are something I (and probably many others) never got to experience. A good compromise in my opinion is to have both as separate BG’s. This way both parties can be satisfied.

But if it were my choice, and I wanted the closest recreation of vanilla that I could get, then it’s a no brainer.


umm. someone fresh me up on whats wrong with 1.12 AV. its been awhile since i played WoW

It’s just very similar (exactly similar?) to what we have now. When AV was introduced it was a long epic battle that could last hours or days. I think that was around 1.5 or 1.6

The 1.12 version deletes a lot of the older things that made AV more “epic” such as removing Korrak from the middle of the BG and making Mobs much weaker.

Long story short . . . 1.12 AV is too similar to what we have now and it wont really show what old AV used to be like. I know 1.12 is what they’re basing things on, but it would be really nice to play the old AV again .

Edit: I had some misinformation in here. Thanks for the clarifications :heart:


Here are two very good videos on the topic

Shouldn’t be according to the blue post on it.

Seems the battles could still last MUCH longer than they do now as reinforcements won’t come into play. I would like longer battles, but I would also like battles that have an end so I can get marks before the apocalypse.

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They won’t have a timer but zerging the generals will still be the most efficient and easy way to go since the NPCs are so weakened.


If you view the BG as a means to an ends - you have the best vanilla version.

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How much weaker are they? I didn’t get to play it then so not sure how much they were nerfed. I remember playing it in BC though and needing to down the towers so the bosses were killable, at least until later in the expac when people were overgeared.

I suspect it’ll be the same in this case once people are decked in T2-T3 or even higher end PvP gear. Not sure how that’ll affect it. One side could switch to turtling every game to make them longer and beef up those HKs on both sides. lol

I consider the towers and the generals a sad fraction of all the content AV used to have. You can watch one of the videos I linked for more information.


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I really want to see the old “days long” style of AV as well with the Troll Raid boss and other stuff also. AV was fun back then when turtles felt good, felt fun. Modern AV just feels like a souless PvE race and when it does become a turtle it just feels bad.

While I can’t personally say exactly why that was such a big change, I know a lot of people here can point out a lot of the details like they have been, but I really just want the old school AV setup not the more modern one.

Whenever it hits Beta I hope those playing give good feedback.


It’s really not a deal breaker for most people, and they know that.

Sad but true. It’s a corner they can get away with cutting.


Aslong as it doesn’t have resources im ok with it.

Truely a real MVP!
I say give us 1.5 or give us are childhoods back!


There was a lot of hate for the original Alterac Valley, which is why Blizzard changed it in the first place. Every day there would be a lot of forum posts criticizing it.

I recall no such “lot of hate” or much any complaints until marks of honor made completing the bg a requirement. Nice to see your total of 2 forum posts as fabrications on this and the main AV thread. Not at all suspicious. :roll_eyes:

Also to quote one of your buddies from earlier:


I’d bet hard money that the people who truly prefer 1.12 AV are a very small minority.

If the people who did complain actually knew what their complaints would lead to, I’m willing to bet that most of them would have shut their mouths.


The nost implementation of AV was perfect